April 23, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
SMA Stucco Manufacturers Association http://stuccomfgassoc.com
SDC Studebaker Drivers Club http://www.studebakerdriversclub.com
SCA Student Conservation Association http://www.thesca.org
SNMA Student National Medical Association http://snma.org
SYTA Student Youth and Travel Association http://syta.org
SAMP Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures http://stuntmen.com
SWAMP Stuntwomen's Association of Motion Pictures http://stuntwomen.com
Stygar Associates, Inc. http://www.stygar.net
SAA Subcontractors Association of Alabama http://www.workersfirst.net
SADV Subcontractors Association of Delaware Valley http://www.sadv.org
STA Subcontractors Trade Association http://stanyc.com
STA-NY Subcontractors Trade Association - New York City http://www.stanyc.com
SWPA Submersible Wastewater Pump Association http://swpa.org
SALIS Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists http://salis.org
SAPAA Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association http://sapaa.com
SNA Suburban Newspapers of America http://www.suburban-news.org
Sufka and Associates http://www.sufka.com
SAI Sugar Association http://sugar.org
SIT Sugar Industry Technologists http://sucrose.com/sit
SSPMA Sump and Sewage Pump Manufacturers Association http://sspma.org
SAA Sunglass Association of America http://thevisioncouncil.org/members/content_24
Sunshine State Exhibitors http://www.sunshinestateexhibitors.com
SAE Suntanning Association for Education http://suntanningedu.com
Supima http://supima.com
SCC Supply Chain Council http://supply-chain.org
Supreme Court Historical Society http://www.supremecourthistory.org
SDA Surface Design Association http://surfacedesign.org
SECA Surface Engineering Coating Association http://surfaceengineering.org
SFIC Surface Finishing Industry Council http://www.sfic.org
SMTA Surface Mount Technology Association http://smta.org
SIBF Surfaces in Biomaterials Foundation http://surfaces.org
SIS Surgical Infection Society http://sisna.org
SLAC Surplus Line Association of California http://www.sla-cal.org
SLAC Surplus Line Association of Colorado http://www.colosla.org
SLAI Surplus Line Association of Idaho http://www.idahosurplusline.org
SLA Surplus Line Association of Illinois http://www.slai.org
SLAOR Surplus Line Association of Oregon http://www.slaor.org
SLAW Surplus Line Association of Washington http://www.surpluslines.org
SAMSOG Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia http://www.samsog.org
SBIC Sustainable Buildings Industry Council http://sbicouncil.org
SFA-MN Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota http://www.sfa-mn.org
Svinicki Association Management, Inc. http://www.svinicki.com
SWACHA SWACHA - The Electronic Payments Resource http://www.swacha.org
SWANA SWANA - Solid Waste Association of North America http://swana.org
SACC-USA Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce of the USA, Inc. http://sacc-usa.org
SAHS Swedish-American Historical Society http://www.swedishamericanhist.org
Sweet Adelines International http://www.sweetadelineintl.org
Symbiotix Management Strategies http://www.symstrategies.com
Synergy Resource Group, Inc. http://www.synergy-resource.com
SOCMA Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association http://www.socma.com
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