May 22, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
OPEAA Outdoor Power Equipment Aftermarket Association
OPEESA Outdoor Power Equipment and Engine Service Association
OPEI Outdoor Power Equipment Institute
OPEI Outdoor Power Equipment Institute
ORA Outdoor Reps Association
OWAA Outdoor Writers Association of America
OAOA Outfitters Association of America
OAOA Outfitters Association of America
OOSS Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgery Society
OOSS Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgery Society
Outsourcing Management Group
OAC/MEMA Overseas Automotive Council
OPC Overseas Press Club of America
OOIDA Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, Inc.
P&N Association Management
PAMES Pacific Association for Medical Equipment Services
PCC Pacific Coast Council of Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association
PCCHA Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association
PCFFA Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations
Pacific Coast Marine Firemen, Oilers, Watertenders and Wipers Association
PCOOS Pacific Coast Oto-Ophthalmological Society
PCPBMA Pacific Coast Paper Box Manufacturers' Association
PCQHA Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association
PCQHRA Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association
PCRS Pacific Coast Reproductive Society
PCSGA Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association
PCSA Pacific Coast Showmen's Association
PCSO Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists
PCSA Pacific Coast Surgical Association
PDA Pacific Dermatologic Association
PEPA Pacific Egg and Poultry Association
PECA Pacific Electrical Contractors Association
PFMC Pacific Fishery Management Council
PLC Pacific Logging Congress
PLEA Pacific Lumber Exporters Association
PLIB Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau
PMA Pacific Maritime Association
PMSA Pacific Merchant Shipping Association
PNAA Pacific Northwest Apparel Association
PNWA Pacific Northwest Association
PNAIS Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools
PNWARS Pacific Northwest Association of Rail Shippers
PNBA Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association
PNWCTA Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association
PNCWA Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association
PNWGFA Pacific Northwest Grain and Feed Association
PNWA Pacific Northwest Hardware and Implement Association
PNITA Pacific Northwest International Trade Association
PNNA Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association
PNOC Pacific Northwest Oil Heat Council
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