February 24, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    SCBA South Carolina Broadcasters Association http://www.scba.net
    SCCTA South Carolina Cable Television Association http://mysccta.com
    SCCA South Carolina Cattlemen's Association http://www.sccattle.org
    SCCA South Carolina Cemetery Association http://sccemeteryassociation.com
    SCCC South Carolina Chamber of Commerce http://www.scchamber.net
    SCCCA South Carolina Child Care Association http://www.southcarolinachildcareassociation.com
    SCCJC South Carolina Civil Justice Coalition http://sccjc.org
    SCCEP South Carolina College of Emergency Physicians http://www.sccep.org
    SCCC South Carolina Cooperative Council http://scco-opcouncil.org
    SCCSA South Carolina Corn and Soybean Association http://sccsafarms.org
    SCCUL South Carolina Credit Union League http://www.sccul.org
    SCDA South Carolina Dairy Association http://scdairy.com
    SCDTA South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys Association http://www.scdtaa.com
    SCDA South Carolina Dental Association http://www.scda.org
    SCEDA South Carolina Economic Developers' Association http://www.sceda.org
    SCEMSA South Carolina Emergency Medical Services Association http://www.scemsassociation.com
    SCFB South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation http://www.scfb.org
    SCFAA South Carolina Fertilizer and Agrichemicals Association http://www.scfaa.org
    SCFMA South Carolina Fire Marshals Association http://www.scfma.org
    SCFA South Carolina Forestry Association http://www.scforestry.org
    SCFDA South Carolina Funeral Directors Association http://scfda.org
    SCGWA South Carolina Ground Water Association http://www.scgwa.org
    SCHHRA South Carolina Healthcare Human Resources Association http://www.scha.org
    SCHMA South Carolina Healthcare Managers Association http://southcarolinamgma.org
    SCHRN South Carolina Healthcare Recruiters Network http://www.scha.org
    SCHCA South Carolina Home Care and Hospice Association http://www.schomehealth.org
    SCHCA South Carolina Home Care Association http://www.schomehealth.org
    SCHA South Carolina Hospital Association http://www.scha.org
    SCICU South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities http://scicu.org
    SCISA South Carolina Independent School Association http://scisa.org
    SCJA South Carolina Jewelers Association http://scjewelers.org
    SCLEOA South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers' Association http://scleoa.org
    SCLA South Carolina Library Association http://scla.org
    SCLAHIGA South Carolina Life & Accident & Health Insurance Guaranty Association http://www.sclifega.org
    SCMA South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance http://www.myscma.com
    SCMEA South Carolina Marine Educators Association http://www.scmarineed.org/
    SCMA South Carolina Medical Association http://www.scmedical.org
    South Carolina Medical Association Financial Services http://www.scmafs.com
    SC-MESA South Carolina Medical Equipment Services Association http://www.scmesa.com
    SCMEA South Carolina Music Educators Association http://scmea.net
    SCNLA South Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association http://scnla.com
    SCNA South Carolina Nurses Association http://www.scnurses.org
    SCOSC South Carolina Occupational Safety Council http://www.scosc.org
    SCOPA South Carolina Optometric Physicians Association http://southcarolina.aoa.org
    SCPC South Carolina Peach Council http://www.nationalpeachcouncil.org/AboutUs/Resources/Ind
    SCPCA South Carolina Pest Control Association http://www.scpca.net
    SCPMA South Carolina Petroleum Marketers Association http://www.scpma.com
    SCPhA South Carolina Pharmacy Association http://www.scrx.org
    South Carolina Pork Board http://www.nppc.org/about-us/state-associations
    SCPF South Carolina Poultry Federation http://www.scpoultry.org


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