April 20, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
ACIA Alabama Concrete Industries Association http://www.alconcrete.org
ACAE Alabama Council of Association Executives http://www.acaenet.org
Alabama Council of Community Mental Health Boards http://www.accmhb.org
ALCA Alabama Counseling Association http://www.alabamacounseling.org
ACUL Alabama Credit Union League http://www.acul.com
ADLA Alabama Defense Lawyers Association http://www.adla.org
ALDA Alabama Dental Association http://www.aldaonline.org
ALDA Alabama Dietetic Association http://www.eatrightalabama.org
ADAA Alabama District Attorney's Association http://www.adaa-ops.org
ADAA Alabama District Attorney's Association http://www.adaa-ops.org
AEA Alabama Education Association http://www.myaea.org
AEC Alabama Environmental Council http://www.aeconline.org
ALFA Alabama Farmers Federation http://www.alfafarmers.org
AFOA Alabama Forest Owners Association http://www.afoa.org
AFA Alabama Forestry Association http://www.alaforestry.org
AFDA Alabama Funeral Directors Association http://www.alabamafda.org
AGA Alabama Grocer's Association http://www.alabamagrocers.org
AlaHA Alabama Hospital Association http://www.alaha.org
AIADA Alabama Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://www.alabamaiada.com
AIDA Alabama Independent Drugstore Association http://www.aidarx.org
AIIA Alabama Independent Insurance Agents http://www.aiia.org
AISA Alabama Independent School Association http://www.aisaonline.org
AITA Alabama Information Technology Association http://www.alabama-infotech.org
ALM Alabama League of Municipalities http://www.alalm.org
ALLA Alabama Library Association http://allanet.org
ALDIGA Alabama Life & Disability Insurance Guaranty Association http://www.allifega.org
AMHA Alabama Manufactured Housing Association http://www.alamha.org
AMBA Alabama Mortgage Brokers Association http://www.almba.org
ALNLA Alabama Nursery and Landscape Association http://www.alnla.org
ANHA Alabama Nursing Homes Association http://www.anha.org
ALOA Alabama Optometric Association http://alabama.aoa.org
AOMA Alabama Osteopathic Medical Association http://www.aloma.org
APA Alabama Pawnbrokers Association http://www.alabamapawnbrokers.net
APOA Alabama Peace Officers Association http://www.alabamapeaceofficers.org
APPA Alabama Peanut Producers Association http://www.alpeanuts.com
APA Alabama Pharmacy Association http://www.aparx.org
ALPMA Alabama Podiatric Medical Association http://alabamapodiatrists.org
APPA Alabama Pork Producers Association http://www.alfafarmers.org/commodities/pork.phtml
AP&EA Alabama Poultry and Egg Association http://www.alabamapoultry.org
APA Alabama Press Association http://www.alabamapress.org
APHCA Alabama Primary Health Care Association http://www.alphca.com
APGA Alabama Propane Gas Association http://www.alabamapropane.com
aPA Alabama Psychological Association http://www.alapsych.org
ARPA Alabama Recreation and Parks Association http://www.arpaonline.org
ARA Alabama Restaurant Association http://www.alabamarestaurants.com
ARA Alabama Retail Association http://www.alabamaretail.org
ARBA Alabama Road Builders Association http://www.alrba.org
ARSM-HACCA Alabama Roofing, Sheet Metal, Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors Association http://www.workersfirst.net
AREA Alabama Rural Electric Association of Cooperatives http://www.areapower.coop
ARWA Alabama Rural Water Association http://www.alruralwater.com
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