July 01, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
WGA Western Governors' Association http://westgov.org
WFCA Western Forestry and Conservation Association http://www.westernforestry.org
WFA Western Fairs Association http://fairsnet.org
WEI Western Energy Institute http://www.westernenergy.org
WEA Western Energy Alliance http://westernenergyalliance.org
WEAI Western Economic Association International http://weai.org
Western Dredging Association - Pacific Chapter http://www.westerndredging.org/index.php/regionalchapters
Western Dredging Association - Midwest Chapter http://www.westerndredging.org/index.php/regionalchapters/midwest-chapter
Western Dredging Association - Gulf Chapter http://www.westerndredging.org/index.php/regionalchapters/gulf-chapter
Western Dredging Association - Eastern Chapter http://www.westerndredging.org/index.php/regionalchapters
WEDA Western Dredging Association http://westerndredging.org
WDA Western Dairy Association http://westerndairyassociation.org
WCIW Western Council of Industrial Workers http://www.wciw.org
WCCC Western Council of Construction Consumers http://www.wccc.org
WCISA Western Chapter - International Society of Arboriculture http://wcisa.net
WBMA Western Building Material Association http://www.wbma.org
WASFAA Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators http://wasfaa.org
WASC Western Association of Schools and Colleges http://www.wascsenior.org
WAML Western Association of Map Libraries http://www.waml.org
WAID Western Association of Industrial Distributors http://waidonline.org
WAFC Western Association of Food Chains http://wafc.com
WAFWA Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies http://www.wafwa.org
WAFD Western Association of Fastener Distributors http://www.wafd.org
WACVB Western Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus http://wacvb.com
WACE Western Association of Chamber Executives http://www.waceonline.org
WAAC Western Association for Art Conservation http://cool.conservation-us.org/waac
WAA Western Arts Alliance http://www.westarts.org
WAC Western AgCredit http://www.westernagcredit.com
WAM Western Academy of Management http://www.wamonline.org
WVWA West Virginia Wholesalers Association http://www.awmanet.org/page/state-and-regional-associatio
WVVMA West Virginia Veterinary Medical Association http://www.wvvma.org
WVTA West Virginia Trucking Association http://www.wvtrucking.com
WVTA West Virginia Troopers Association http://www.wvtroopers.org
WVAJ West Virginia Trial Lawyers Association http://www.wvaj.org
WVTBA West Virginia Thoroughbred Breeders Association http://wvtba.net
WVSMA West Virginia State Medical Association http://www.wvsma.com
WVSB West Virginia State Bar http://www.wvbar.org
WVSPE West Virginia Society of Professional Engineers http://wvspe.org
WVSOM West Virginia Society of Osteopathic Medicine http://www.wvoma.org
WVSCPA West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants http://wvscpa.org
WVSAE West Virginia Society of Association Executives http://wvsae.org
West Virginia SDEA http://www.adtsea.org/adtsea/ADTSEA%20State%20Affi
WVSBA West Virginia School Boards Association http://wvsba.org
West Virginia Safety Council http://www.hbawv.org
WVRWA West Virginia Rural Water Association http://www.wvrwa.org
WVRA West Virginia Retailers Association http://www.wvretailers.com
WVRVA West Virginia Recreational Vehicle Association http://www.rvamerica.com/SchoolHouse/NationalandLocalRVAs
WVPAA West Virginia Public Accountants Association http://wvpaa.org
WVPS West Virginia Psychiatric Society http://wvpsych.org
WVPCA West Virginia Primary Care Association http://www.wvpca.org
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