June 30, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
WSA World Sign Associates http://wsanetwork.org
WSA World Shoe Association http://www.wsashow.com
WSC World Shipping Council http://worldshipping.org
World Ship Society http://www.worldshipny.com
WSFS World Science Fiction Society http://www.wsfs.org
WRF World Research Foundation http://wrf.org
WPA World Pet Association http://worldpetassociation.org
WMIS World Molecular Imaging Society http://wmis.org
WMA World Media Association http://wmassociation.com
WJA World Jurist Association http://worldjurist.org
WINC World Institute for Nurturing Communication http://iaim.ws
WHA World History Association http://thewha.org
World Gold Trust Services http://gold.org
World Gold Trust Services http://wwww.gold.org
WFS World Future Society http://wfs.org
WFA World Footbag Association http://worldfootbag.com/shop
WFCA World Floor Covering Association http://wfca-pro.org
WFPHA World Federation of Public Health Associations http://wfpha.org
WFMH World Federation for Mental Health http://wfmh.org
WOCCU World Council of Credit Unions, Inc. http://woccu.org
WOCCU World Council of Credit Unions, Inc. http://woccu.org
WAVA World Association of Veterinary Anatomists http://wava-amav.org
WAIMH World Association of Infant Mental Health http://www.waimh.org
WAABI World Association of Alcohol Beverage Industries http://www.waabi.org
WAS World Aquaculture Society http://was.org
WAO World Allergy Organization http://worldallergy.org
APEX World Airline Entertainment Association http://apex.aero
WACA World Affairs Councils of America http://worldaffairscouncils.org
WPF WorkPlace Furnishings http://workplacefurn.com
Working Group for Investment in Reliable and Economic Electric Systems (WIRES) http://www.wiresgroup.com
WIRES Working Group for Investment in Reliable and Economic Electric Systems http://wiresgroup.com
WEDI Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange http://wedi.org
WILG Workers' Injury Law and Advocacy Group http://wilg.org
Workers United http://workersunitedunion.org
WCC Work Colleges Consortium http://workcolleges.org
WMIA Woodworking Machinery Industry Association http://wmia.org
WI Woodwork Institute http://www.woodworkinstitute.com
WPMA Wood Products Manufacturers Association http://wpma.org
MMPA Wood Moulding and Millwork Producers Association http://wmmpa.com
WMMA Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America http://wmma.org
WMMA Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America http://wmma.org
Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association http://nofma.org
WCMA Wood Component Manufacturers Association http://woodcomponents.org
WTS Women's Transportation Seminar (WTS International) http://wtsinternational.org
WTS Women's Transportation Seminar http://www.wtsinternational.org
WRPA Women's Regional Publications of America http://womensregionalpublications.org
WPRA Women's Professional Rodeo Association http://wpra.com
WNBA Women's National Book Association http://wnba-books.org
WMGA Women's Metropolitan Golf Association http://wmga.com
WJA Women's Jewelry Association http://womensjewelryassociation.com
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