October 21, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort ascending Website
    BPS Biophysical Society http://biophysics.org
    BPIA Biopesticide Industry Alliance http://biopesticideindustryalliance.org
    BioNJ BioNJ http://bionj.org
    BMES Biomedical Engineering Society http://bmes.org
    BTEC Biomass Thermal Energy Council http://biomassthermal.org
    BPA Biomass Power Association http://www.usabiomass.org
    BTANJ Biology Teachers Association of New Jersey http://www.btanj.org
    BSC Biological Stain Commission http://biologicalstaincommission.org
    BioForward http://www.bioforward.org
    Biofeedback Society of Texas http://www.bstx.org
    BSF Biofeedback Society of Florida http://www.floridabiofeedback.org
    Biofeedback Society of California http://biofeedbackcalifornia.org
    BEMS Bioelectromagnetics Society http://bems.org
    BEMS Bioelectromagnetics Society http://bems.org
    BCA BioCommunications Association http://bca.org
    BDA Bio-dynamic Farming and Gardening Association http://www.biodynamics.com
    BIA Binding Industries Association http://printing.org/bia
    BOMA-USA Billings Ovulation Method Association of the United States http://boma-usa.org
    BCA Billiard Congress of America http://home.bca-pool.com
    BBIA Billiard and Bowling Institute of America http://billiardandbowling.org
    Big Ten Conference http://www.bigten.org
    BIFMA BIFMA International http://www.bifma.org
    BPSA Bicycle Product Suppliers Association http://bpsa.org
    BICSI http://bicsi.org
    BSA Bibliographical Society of America http://bibsocamer.org
    BIA SouthEast http://gobricksoutheast.com
    Beverage Network http://www.bevnetwork.com
    Beverage Media Group, Inc http://beveragemedia.com
    BAS Beverage Association of Tennessee http://www.ameribev.org/about-aba/other-associations/stat
    BPM Beta Phi Mu http://beta-phi-mu.org
    BGS Beta Gamma Sigma http://www.betagammasigma.org
    TriBeta Beta Beta Beta http://tri-beta.org
    BAP Beta Alpha Psi http://bap.org
    Benchmarks http://www.benchmarksnc.org
    BNA Benchmarking Network Association http://benchmarkingnetwork.com
    BEMA BEMA - The Baking Industry Suppliers Association http://bema.org
    BGS Belted Galloway Society http://beltie.org
    BA Belt Association http://idahogeology.org/DrawOnePage.asp?PageID=101
    Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce http://belcham.org
    BDHCA Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America http://belgiancorp.com
    BGA Behavior Genetics Association http://bga.org
    BSDF Beet Sugar Development Foundation http://bsdf-assbt.org
    BI Beer Institute http://beerinstitute.org
    BIF Beer Industry of Florida http://floridabeer.org
    BILL Beer Industry League of Louisiana http://beerleague.com
    BDMI Beer Distributors of Massachusetts http://www.mabeerdistributors.com
    BWDA Beer and Wine Distributors of Arizona http://www.bwdaz.com
    BBU Beefmaster Breeders United http://beefmasters.org
    BIF Beef Improvement Federation http://beefimprovement.org
    BSA Bearing Specialist Association http://bsahome.org


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