April 18, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
ABET Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Inc. http://abet.org
ABET Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Inc http://www.abet.org
AAAHC Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care http://aaahc.org
API Accountants for the Public Interest http://www.geocities.com/api_woods/api/apihome.html
ATG Accordionists and Teachers Guild International http://accordions.com/atg
Accent on Management http://www.assnoffices.com
ASA Acadiana Safety Association http://www.acadianasafety.org
AHBA Acadian Home Builders Association http://www.ahbaonline.com
AVH Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy http://theavh.org
AVACI Academy of Veterinary Allergy and Clinical Immunology http://www.avaci.org
ASR Academy of Surgical Research http://surgicalresearch.org
ASET Academy of Security Educators and Trainers http://academyofsecurity.org
ARA Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology http://audrehab.org
ARLA Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys http://www.arla.org
ARLA Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys http://arla.org
ARR Academy of Radiology Research http://acadrad.org
APM Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine http://apm.org
AP Academy of Prosthodontics http://academyofprosthodontics.org
APS Academy of Political Science http://apsanet.org
APCR Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research http://apcrnet.org
APhA-APRS Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science http://pharmacist.com
APPI Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Investigations http://www.appinet.org
AO Academy of Osseointegration http://osseo.org
AOOP Academy of Organizational and Occupational Psychiatry http://aoop.org
AND Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics http://eatright.org
AMPAS Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences http://oscars.org
AMI Academy of Molecular Imaging http://www.ami-imaging.org
AMI Academy of Molecular Imaging http://ami-imaging.org
AMA Academy of Model Aeronautics http://modelaircraft.org
AMSN Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses http://amsn.org
AMS Academy of Marketing Science http://ams-web.org
AOM Academy of Management http://aomonline.org
AMCP Academy of Managed Care Providers http://academymcp.org
AMCP Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy http://amcp.org
ALS Academy of Leisure Sciences http://academyofleisuresciences.org
ALSB Academy of Legal Studies in Business http://alsb.mobi
ALD Academy of Laser Dentistry http://laserdentistry.org
AIB Academy of International Business http://aib.msu.edu
AHIA Academy of Hospitality Industry Attorneys http://ahiattorneys.org
AH Academy of Homiletics http://homiletics.org
AGD Academy of General Dentistry http://agd.org
ADA Academy of Doctors of Audiology http://audiologist.org
ADI Academy of Dentistry International http://adint.org
ADM Academy of Dental Materials http://academydentalmaterials.org
ACJS Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences http://acjs.org
ACM Academy of Country Music http://acmcountry.com
ACRP Academy of Clinical Research Professionals http://acrpnet.org
ACLPS Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists http://aclps.org
ACHMM Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers http://www.achmm.org
ACA Academy of Certified Archivists http://certifiedarchivists.org
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