July 25, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    APERC Alkylphenols and Ethoxylates Research Council http://alkylphenol.org
    AARS All-America Rose Selections http://americangardenroseselections.com/
    AAS All-America Selections http://www.all-americaselections.org
    Allen Press, Inc. http://allenmm.com
    AANMA Allergy and Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics http://aanma.org
    Alliance http://www.alliancecolorado.org
    AAR Alliance for Aging Research http://agingresearch.org
    ACHC Alliance for Catholic Health Care http://www.thealliance.net
    Alliance for Children and Families http://alliance1.org
    Alliance for Continuing Medical Education http://acme-assn.org
    Alliance for Continuing Medical Education in the Health Professions http://acehp.org
    AEEG Alliance for Energy and Economic Growth http://yourenergyfuture.org
    AGMA Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement http://agmaglobal.org
    AHC Alliance for Healthcare Competitiveness, LLC http://healthcare-competitiveness.com
    AIMC Alliance for International Meetings and Commerce http://aimcnetwork.com
    AFMTE Alliance for Massage Therapy Education http://afmte.org
    ANH-USA Alliance for Natural Health USA http://anh-usa.org
    Alliance for Nonprofit Management http://allianceonline.org
    AFQC Alliance for Quality Care http://afqcare.com
    ARM Alliance for Regenerative Medicine http://alliancerm.org
    Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy http://alliancepolicy.org
    ATIS Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions http://atis.org
    API Alliance for the Polyurethane Industry http://www.polyurethane.org
    AWM Alliance for Women in Media http://allwomeninmedia.org
    AWM Alliance for Women in Media http://allwomeninmedia.org
    Alliance for Women in Media - Minnesota Affiliate http://awm-mn.org/
    Alliance for Women in Media - New York State Capital District Affiliate http://www.nysawm.org/home.html
    AIAT Alliance Insurance Agents of Texas http://www.aiat.org
    AABP Alliance of Area Business Publications http://bizpubs.org
    Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits http://www.arizonanonprofits.org
    AAC Alliance of Artists Communities http://artistcommunities.org
    AATJ Alliance of Associations of Teachers of Japanese http://aatj.org
    AASP MA Alliance Of Auto Service Providers Massachusetts http://aaspma.org
    Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers http://autoalliance.org
    AASP Alliance of Automotive Service Providers http://autoserviceproviders.com
    AASPI Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Illinois http://www.aaspi.org
    AASP-MN Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Minnesota http://aaspmn.org
    AASP-MO Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Missouri http://aasp-mo.org
    AASP-NJ Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey http://aaspnj.org
    AASP-PA Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Pennsylvania http://aasp-pa.org
    ABTE Alliance of Black Telecommunications Employees http://ableinc.org
    ACVP Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals http://acp-online.org
    ACAP Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals http://claims.org
    AFPR Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers http://www.epspackaging.org
    AHMP Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals http://ahmpnet.org
    AIRW Alliance of Indiana Rural Water http://www.inh2o.org
    AIRS Alliance of Information and Referral Systems http://airs.org
    AMPTP Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers http://amptp.org
    ANSERTEAM Alliance of National Staffing and Employment Resources http://anserteam.com
    ANM Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers http://nonprofitmailers.org


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