July 28, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    CAT California Drywall-Lathing Industry Labor-Management Cooperation Committee http://www.drywalladmin.org
    CDGRA Colorado Dude/Guest Ranch Association http://www.coloradoranch.com
    OICA Oregon Independent Colleges Association http://www.oicanet.org
    KACA Kentucky Association for Community Action http://www.kaca.org
    GDA Georgia Dietetic Association http://www.eatrightgeorgia.org
    American Society of Travel Agents - National Director http://www.asta.org
    West Virginia Safety Council http://www.hbawv.org
    HAA Hawaii Acupuncture Association http://www.hawaiiacupuncture.org
    OAA Oregon Acupuncture Association http://www.oregonacupuncture.com
    CDLI Commercial Dental Laboratories of Indiana http://www.cdli.net
    Texas Highway Patrol Museum http://www.thpa.org
    ISGA Indiana Soybean Growers Association http://www.indianasoybeans.com
    WVAO-HNS West Virginia Academy of Otolaryngology http://www.wvao-hns.org
    FMSDC Florida Minority Supplier Development Council http://fmsdc.org
    NYPTA New York State Public Transit Association http://www.nytransit.org
    WAMB Washington Association of Mortgage Brokers http://www.wamb.org
    SAMSOG Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia http://www.samsog.org
    MAMB Maryland Association of Mortgage Brokers http://www.mdmtgpros.org
    TAMP Texas Association of Mortgage Professionals http://www.ttamp.org
    FRA Forest Resource Association - Western Division Office http://www.forestresources.org/ABOUT/FRA_offices.html
    AOCDO Association of Oregon Community Development Organizations http://www.aocdo.org
    CFECA California Film Extruders and Converters Association http://www.cfeca.org
    GIA Georgia Industry Association http://www.georgiaindustry.org
    MMBA Michigan Mortgage Brokers Association http://www.mmbaonline.com
    MPSC Mortgage Professionals of South Carolina http://www.scmba.org
    CSIA Colorado Software and Internet Association http://coloradotechnology.org
    EA Executive Alliance http://www.exec-alliance.org
    GTA Georgia Tennis Association http://www.ustageorgia.com
    MRC Maryland Recyclers Coalition http://www.marylandrecyclers.org
    ODCNSCIA Old Dominion Chapter of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association http://odcnscia.org
    CWHCM Connecticut Women in Healthcare Management http://www.cwhcm.org
    Carolina Hosiery Association http://www.growyourownbiz.com/carolina_hosiery_association.htm
    WMCA Wisconsin Motor Coach Association http://www.witruck.org
    AIDA Alabama Independent Drugstore Association http://www.aidarx.org
    ARSA Arizona Rural School's Association http://www.azruralschools.org
    AFTU Arizona Federation of Teacher Unions http://az.aft.org
    AAPPD Arizona Association of Providers for People with Disabilities http://www.aappd.com
    CARA Colorado Automotive Recyclers Association http://www.coloradoautorecyclers.com
    ACOG American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists - District II http://www.acog.org/goto/nys
    ACOG American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists - District VII http://www.acog.org/acog_districts
    CCS Colorado Chiropractic Society http://www.chiropractors.org
    ACOG-MN American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists - Minnesota http://www.acog.org/ACOG_Districts/dist_notice.cfm?recno=19&bulletin=2026
    FHAC Family Health Association of Connecticut http://www.fhact.org/pages/1/index.htm
    CTA California Trustees Association http://www.catrustee.org
    CATESOL California Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages http://www.catesol.org
    CALCOG California Association of Councils of Government http://www.calcog.org
    GSACA Georgia School Age Care Association http://www.ciclt.net/gsaca
    CTAG Cable Television Association of Georgia http://www.gacable.com
    FLA Florida Livery Association http://www.floridaliveryassoc.com
    DCA Day Cruise Association http://www.daycruiseassociation.com


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