December 20, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

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ARSA Aeronautical Repair Station Association
AFTRCC Aerospace & Flight Test Radio Coordinating Council
AESS Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society
ADCA Aerospace Department Chairs Association
AFA Aerospace Futures Alliance of Washington
AIA Aerospace Industries Association of America
AsMA Aerospace Medical Association
AIA Aestheticians International Association
Affinity Resource Group, LLC
AHAIN Affordable Housing Association of Indiana
AHMA-PSW Affordable Housing Management Association - Pacific Southwest
AHMA Affordable Housing Management Association - Rocky Mountain Region
AHMA-NCNH Affordable Housing Management Association of Northern California, Nevada and Hawaii
AHMA-WA Affordable Housing Management Association of Washington
AFL-CIO AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations)
BCTD AFL-CIO - Building and Construction Trades Department
AFL-CIO - Maritime Trades Department
AFL-CIO HIT AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust
AFL-CIO Northeast Region
WAI AFL-CIO Working for America Institute
AFP Alabama Chapter
AFP Alaska Chapter
AFP Arkansas Chapter
AFP-CC AFP Colorado Chapter
AFP Connecticut Chapter
AFP Idaho Chapter
AFP Indiana Chapter
AFP Nebraska Chapter
AFP New Mexico Chapter
AFP Oklahoma
AFP Oregon & SW Washington
AFP Washington Chapter
AFP-New Jersey Chapter
ATA Africa Travel Association
AACA African American Contractors Association
ASA African Studies Association
AALISA African-American Library and Information Science Association
AAWCA African-American Women's Clergy Association
AFSCME Local 3111
AFT - Public Employees
AFTW AFT - Wisconsin
AFT CO AFT Colorado
AFTHC AFT Healthcare
AFT Michigan
AFT-NM AFT New Mexico
AFTPA AFT Pennsylvania
AFT WA AFT Washington
AGC-OK AGC of Oklahoma - Building Chapter
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