October 25, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
ARSA Aeronautical Repair Station Association http://arsa.org
AFTRCC Aerospace & Flight Test Radio Coordinating Council http://aftrcc.org
AESS Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society http://www.ieee-aess.org
ADCA Aerospace Department Chairs Association http://aerodeptchairs.org
AFA Aerospace Futures Alliance of Washington http://www.afa-wa.com
AIA Aerospace Industries Association of America http://www.aia-aerospace.org
AsMA Aerospace Medical Association http://www.asma.org
AIA Aestheticians International Association http://aiaprofessional.com
AFCOM http://afcom.com
Affinity Resource Group, LLC  http://affinityresourcegroup.net
AHAIN Affordable Housing Association of Indiana http://inaha.org
AHMA-PSW Affordable Housing Management Association - Pacific Southwest http://www.ahma-psw.org
AHMA Affordable Housing Management Association - Rocky Mountain Region http://rockyahma.org
AHMA-NCNH Affordable Housing Management Association of Northern California, Nevada and Hawaii http://ahma-ncnh.org
AHMA-WA Affordable Housing Management Association of Washington http://ahma-wa.org
AFL-CIO AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) http://aflcio.org
BCTD AFL-CIO - Building and Construction Trades Department http://bctd.org
AFL-CIO - Maritime Trades Department http://maritimetrades.org
AFL-CIO HIT AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust http://aflcio-hit.com
AFL-CIO Northeast Region http://ny.aflcio.org/291
WAI AFL-CIO Working for America Institute http://workingforamerica.org
AFP Alabama Chapter http://afpalabama.afpnet.org
AFP Alaska Chapter http://afpalaska.afpnet.org
AFP Arkansas Chapter http://afparkansas.afpnet.org
AFP-CC AFP Colorado Chapter http://www.afpcc.org
AFP Connecticut Chapter http://afpct.afpnet.org
AFP Idaho Chapter http://afpidaho.afpnet.org
AFP Indiana Chapter http://afpindiana.afpnet.org
AFP Nebraska Chapter http://www.afpnebraska.org
AFP New Mexico Chapter http://www.afp-nm.org
AFP Oklahoma http://afpoklahoma.afpnet.org
AFP Oregon & SW Washington http://afporegon.afpnet.org
AFP Washington Chapter http://www.afpwashington.org
AFP-New Jersey Chapter http://www.afp-nj.org
ATA Africa Travel Association http://africatravelassociation.org
AACA African American Contractors Association http://www.aacanatl.org
ASA African Studies Association http://africanstudies.org
AALISA African-American Library and Information Science Association http://www.bunche.ucla.edu/
AAWCA African-American Women's Clergy Association http://houseofimagene.org
AFSCME Local 3111 http://www.azafscme.org
AFSCME AFSCME Local 4041 http://nvafscme.org
AFT - Public Employees http://aft.org/yourwork/pubemps
AFTW AFT - Wisconsin http://aft-wisconsin.org
AFT CO AFT Colorado http://co.aft.org
AFTHC AFT Healthcare http://aft.org
AFT Michigan http://aftmichigan.org
AFT-NM AFT New Mexico http://nm.aft.org
AFTPA AFT Pennsylvania http://pa.aft.org
AFT WA AFT Washington http://wa.aft.org
AGC-OK AGC of Oklahoma - Building Chapter http://www.agcok.com
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