July 03, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
APHCA Alabama Primary Health Care Association http://www.alphca.com
ApHC Appaloosa Horse Club http://appaloosa.com
APhA-APRS Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science http://pharmacist.com/apha-aprs
APHA American Printing History Association http://printinghistory.org
APHA American Paint Horse Association http://apha.com
APhA American Pharmacists Association http://pharmacist.com
APHA American Public Health Association http://apha.org
APHA Alaska Professional Hunters Association http://alaskaprohunter.org
APH Association of Personal Historians http://personalhistorians.org/
APGO Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics http://apgo.org
APGA Arkansas Propane Gas Association, Inc. http://www.arkansaspropane.com
APGA American Public Gardens Association http://publicgardens.org
APGA American Public Gas Association http://apga.org
APGA Alabama Propane Gas Association http://alabamapropane.com
APGA Arizona Propane Gas Association http://www.propaneaz.org
APG Association of Professional Genealogists http://apgen.org
APG American Pistachio Growers http://www.AmericanPistachios.org
APFO Association on Programs for Female Offenders http://www.apfonews.org
APFO Association of Programs for Female Offenders http://apfonews.org
APFA American Pipe Fittings Association http://apfa.com
APFA Association of Professional Flight Attendants http://apfa.org
APFA Association of Professional Flight Attendants http://apfa.org
APF American Pathology Foundation http://apfconnect.org
APEX World Airline Entertainment Association http://apex.aero
APEX Asian Professional Exchange http://www.apex.org
APEX Airline Passenger Experience Association http://apex.aero
APERC Alkylphenols and Ethoxylates Research Council http://alkylphenol.org
APEL Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana http://www.apeleducators.org
APEE Association of Private Enterprise Education http://apee.org
APEA/AFT Alaska Public Employees Association/AFT http://apea-aft.org
APDU Association of Public Data Users http://apdu.org
APDT Association of Pet Dog Trainers http://apdt.com
APDS Association of Program Directors in Surgery http://apds.org
APDR Association of Program Directors in Radiology http://apdr.org
APDIM Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine http://dev.im.org
APDF Association of Professional Design Firms http://apdf.org
APDC Alaska Professional Design Council http://apdc-ak.org
APDA Appliance Parts Distributors Association http://apda.com
APCUG Association of Personal Computer User Groups http://apcug2.org
APCU Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities http://presbyteriancolleges.org
APCS Accredited Pet Cemetery Society http://visitrollingacres.com/apcs.html
APCR Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research http://apcrnet.org
APCO/NENA Associated Public-Safety Communications Officers - Oregon Chapter http://oregonapconena.org
APCO Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials, International, Inc. http://www.apcointl.org
APCO APCO (Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials) International http://apcointl.org
APCG Association of Pacific Coast Geographers http://apcgweb.org
APCD Association of Private Club Directors http://apcd.com
APCC American Public Communications Council http://apcc.net
APCC Association of Professional Communication Consultants http://consultingsuccess.org
APC Arkansas Petroleum Council http://littlerock.citysearch.com
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