July 01, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
OCTA Oregon Cable Telecommunications Association http://www.oregoncable.com
OCA Oregon Cattlemen's Association http://orcattle.com
OCA Oregon Chiropractic Association http://www.oregonchiroassoc.com
OCCA Oregon Community College Association http://occa17.com
OCEA Oregon Community Education Association http://ocea-or.org
OCAPA Oregon Concrete and Aggregates Producers Association http://ocapa.net
Oregon Council for Affordable and Rural Housing http://www.oregoncarh.org
ORCA Oregon Counseling Association http://www.or-counseling.org
OCDLA Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association http://www.ocdla.org
Oregon Dairy Products Commission http://www.dairyfarmersor.com
ODA Oregon Dental Association http://www.oregondental.org
ODMO Oregon Destination Marketing Organizations http://oacvb.com
ODWA Oregon Draymen and Warehousemen's Association http://www.ormsa.com
ODCA Oregon Drycleaners Association http://www.oregondrycleaners.org
OEA Oregon Education Association http://www.oregoned.org
OEMA Oregon Educational Media Association http://aect.site-ym.com/?page=oregon_educational
OEA Oregon Executives Association http://www.oregonexecutives.com
OFA Oregon Fairs Association http://oregonfairs.org
OFB Oregon Farm Bureau http://www.oregonfb.org
OFB Oregon Farm Bureau Federation http://oregonfb.org
OFGA Oregon Feed and Grain Association http://www.oregonfeed.org
Oregon Fire Marshals Association http://www.ofma.net
OFIC Oregon Forest Industries Council http://www.ofic.com
OFDA Oregon Funeral Directors Association http://www.ofda.org
OGA Oregon Golf Association http://oga.org
OGSCA Oregon Golf Course Superintendents Association http://ogcsa.org
OGWA Oregon Ground Water Association http://www.ogwasite.org
OHMB Oregon Hazelnut Marketing Board http://oregonhazelnuts.org
OHCA Oregon Health Care Association http://www.ohca.com
OHPBA Oregon Hearth Patio and Barbecue Association http://www.ohpba.org
OHBC Oregon Highland Bentgrass Commission http://www.oregonseed.org/links.htm
OHUA Oregon Highway Users Alliance http://www.oregonhighways.org
OHBA Oregon Home Builders Association http://www.oregonhba.com
OHS Oregon Horticultural Society http://www.oregonhorticulturalsociety.org
OHA Oregon Hospice Association http://www.oregonhospice.org
OHA Oregon Housing Authorities http://orhousingauthorities.org
OIADA Oregon Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://www.oiada.com
OICA Oregon Independent Colleges Association http://www.oicanet.org
OLA Oregon Lakes Association http://www.oregonlakes.org
OLCA Oregon Landscape Contractors Association http://www.oregonlandscape.org
OLA Oregon Library Association http://www.olaweb.org
Oregon Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association http://orlifega.org
Oregon Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association http://www.orlifega.org
OLA Oregon Lodging Association http://www.oregonlodging.com
OMHA Oregon Manufactured Housing Association http://www.omha.com
OMOA Oregon Mechanical Officials Association http://www.omoaonline.org
OMA Oregon Medical Association http://www.theoma.org
OMBA Oregon Mortgage Bankers Association http://oremba.org
OMLA Oregon Mortgage Lenders Association http://www.oregonmla.org
OMSA Oregon Moving and Storage Association http://www.ormsa.com
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