October 20, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
AICP Association of Independent Commercial Producers http://aicp.com
AICP Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals http://aicp.net
AICP American Institute of Certified Planners http://planning.org/aicp
AICI Association of Image Consultants International http://aici.org
AIChE American Institute of Chemical Engineers http://aiche.org
AICCU Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities http://www.aiccu.edu
AICCI American-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry http://aicci.net
AICC-FL America-Israel Chamber of Commerce - Florida Office http://floridaisraelchamber.org
AICC American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce http://aiccusa.org
AICC Association of Independent Corrugated Converters http://www.aiccbox.org
AICC Alarm Industry Communication Committee http://csaaul.org/AICCCommittee.htm
AICC Aviation Industry CBT Committee http://aicc.org
AICC Alarm Industry Communication Committee http://csaaul.org/AICCCommittee.htm
AICC Association of Independent Corrugated Converters http://aiccbox.org
AICAD Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design http://aicad.org
AICA American Institute of Commemorative Art http://monuments-aica.com
AICA International Association of Art Critics http://aicausa.org
AICA American International Charolais Association http://charolaisusa.com
AIC Association of Indiana Counties http://www.indianacounties.org
AIC Alpines International Club http://alpinesinternationalclub.com
AIC American Institute of Constructors http://professionalconstructor.org
AIC American Institute of Chemists http://theaic.org
AIC American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works http://conservation-us.org
AIC Arizona Investment Council http://www.arizonaic.org
AIC Association of Idaho Cities http://www.idahocities.org
AIC American Inns of Court http://home.innsofcourt.org
AIBS American Institute of Bangladesh Studies http://aibs.net
AIBS American Institute of Biological Sciences http://www.aibs.org
AIBD-CA American Institute of Building Design - California Society http://www.aibdca.org
AIBD American Institute of Building Design http://aibd.org
AIB AIB International http://aibonline.org
AIB Academy of International Business http://aib.msu.edu
AIB AIB International, Inc. http://aibonline.org
AIAVT American Institute of Architects - Vermont http://www.aiavt.org
AIAT Alliance Insurance Agents of Texas http://www.aiat.org
AIAS American Institute of Architecture Students http://aias.org
AIAS American Institute for Afghanistan Studies http://bu.edu/aias
AIAri American Institute of Architects - Rhode Island http://aia-ri.org
AIARD The Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development http://aiard.org
AIANYS AIA New York State http://aianys.org
AIANH American Institute of Architects - New Hampshire http://aianh.org
AIANE AIA Nebraska http://www.aiane.org
AIAMN American Institute of Architects - Minnesota http://aia-mn.org
AIAMI American Institute of Architects - Michigan http://aiami.com
AIALA AIA Louisiana, The Louisiana Architects Association http://aiala.com
AIAKS American Institute of Architects - Kansas http://aiaks.org
AIAG Automotive Industry Action Group http://aiag.org
AIAEE Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education http://aiaee.org
AIADA Arizona Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://www.aiada.net
AIADA American International Automobile Dealers Association http://www.aiada.org
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