October 25, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
PTLA Pennsylvania Tourism and Lodging Association http://www.patourism.org
PTNPA Peanut and Tree Nut Processors Association http://ptnpa.org
PTNY Parks & Trails New York http://www.ptny.org
PTOS Patent and Trademark Office Society http://ptos.org
PTPA Performance Track Participants Association http://www.ptpaonline.org
PTPA Performance Track Participants Association http://ptpaonline.org
PTR Professional Tennis Registry http://www.ptrtennis.org
PTRA Power-Motion Technology Representatives Association http://ptra.org
PTROI Professional Towing and Recovery Operators of Illinois http://www.ptroi.com
PTS Pennsylvania Thoracic Society http://www.thoracic.org/chapters/thoracic-society-
PTTC Petroleum Technology Transfer Council http://pttc.org
PTWA Physical Therapy Association of Washington http://www.ptwa.org
PubWest Publishers Association of the West http://pubwest.org
PUC South Dakota Public Utilities Commission http://puc.sd.gov
PUCA Pennsylvania Utility Contractors Association http://www.nucapa.org
PURMA Public Utilities Risk Management Association http://purma.org
PUSCC Portugal-US Chamber of Commerce http://portugal-us.com
PVA Passenger Vessel Association http://passengervessel.com
PVGA Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association http://www.pvga.org
PVMA Pressure Vessel Manufacturers Association http://pvma.org
PVMA Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association http://www.pavma.org
PWA Performance Warehouse Association http://pwa-par.org
PWA Pennsylvania Winery Association http://www.pennsylvaniawine.com
PWA Pennsylvania Winery Association http://pennsylvaniawine.com
PWA Pennsylvania Winery Association http://pennsylvaniawine.com
PWC Professional Women Controllers http://pwcinc.org
PWC Professional Women in Construction http://pwcusa.org/v2/
PWCAM Public Works Contractors Association of Maryland http://cleanwaterconstructioncoalition.org/pwca.ht
PWHS Public Works Historical Society http://apwa.net/PWHS
PWIA Personal Watercraft Industry Association (PWIA) http://pwia.org
PWIA National Solid Waste Management Association - Pennsylvania http://www.pawasteindustries.org
PWMA Pressure Washer Manufacturers Association http://pwma.org
PWNA Power Washers of North America http://pwna.org
PWOF Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida http://pwof.org
PWP Professional Women Photographers http://pwponline.org
PWQA Pacific Water Quality Association http://www.pwqa.org
PWR Pacific West Association of REALTORS http://www.pwr.net/About/
PWSA Professional Women Singers Association http://womensingers.org
QBA Quality Bakers of America Cooperative http://qba.com
QC Quality Chekd Daries http://qchekd.com
QCWA Quarter Century Wireless Association http://qcwa.org
QCWA Quarter Century Wireless Association Inc http://qcwa.org
QFMA Quarter Furniture Manufacturers Association http://www.qfma.net
QFMA Quarters Furniture Manufacturers Association http://qfma.net
QRCA Qualitative Research Consultants Association http://qrca.org
QSC Quality Service Contractors http://qsc-phcc.org
QU Quail Unlimited http://qu.org
QUOTA Quota International http://www.quota.org
QUOTA Quota International Inc http://www.quota.org
R&DA Research and Development Associates for Military Food and Packaging Systems http://militaryfood.org
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