October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort ascending Website
    CFA California Forestry Association http://www.foresthealth.org
    CFSI California Fisheries and Seafood Institute http://calseafood.net
    CFCA California Fire Chiefs Association http://www.calchiefs.org
    CFSA California Financial Services Association http://cfsa.com
    CFECA California Film Extruders and Converters Association http://www.cfeca.org
    CFAB California Fig Advisory Board http://www.californiafigs.com
    CFT California Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO http://www.cft.org
    CFI California Federation of Interpreters http://calinterpreters.org
    CFBPW California Federation of Business and Professional Women http://bpwcal.org
    CFA California Fashion Association http://www.calfashion.org
    CFBF California Farm Bureau Federation http://www.cfbf.com
    CEA California Escrow Association http://ceaescrow.org
    CEHA California Environmental Health Association http://www.ceha.org
    CELA California Employment Lawyers Association http://www.cela.org
    CEA California Employers Association http://www.employers.org
    CEAC California Employer Advisory Council http://ceac.org
    CETA California Educational Theatre Association http://www.cetoweb.org
    CETPA California Educational Technology Professionals Association http://cetpa.net
    CDTOA California Dump Truck Owners Association http://www.cdtoa.org
    CAT California Drywall-Lathing Industry Labor-Management Cooperation Committee http://www.drywalladmin.org
    CDBAB California Dry Bean Board http://www.calbeans.org
    CDBAB California Dry Bean Advisory Board http://www.calbeans.org
    CDPB California Dried Plum Board http://www.californiadriedplums.org
    CDPB California Dried Plum Board http://www.californiadriedplums.org
    CDFEA California Dried Fruit Export Association http://www.cdfea.org
    CDAA California District Attorneys Association http://cdaa.org
    CDA California Distributors Association http://www.californiadistributorsassociation.com
    CDSA California Disability Services Association http://www.cal-dsa.org
    CDA California Dietetic Association http://dietitian.org
    CDC California Dialysis Council http://www.californiadialysis.org
    CDG California Dentists Guild http://www.cadentistsguild.org
    CDLA California Dental Laboratory Association http://cdla.org
    CDHA California Dental Hygienists' Association http://www.cdha.org
    CDA California Dental Association http://www.cda.org
    CDA California Dental Association http://www.cda.org
    CDAA California Dental Assistants Association http://www.cdaaweb.org
    CDC California Defense Counsel http://www.califdefense.org
    CDAC California Date Administrative Committee http://www.datesaregreat.com
    CDEA California Dance Education Association http://www.cdeadance.org
    CDHIA California Dairy Herd Improvement Association http://www.cdhia.org
    CCFC California Cut Flower Commission http://www.ccfc.org
    CCFC California Cut Flower Commission http://ccfc.org
    CCIA California Crop Improvement Association http://www.ccia.ucdavis.edu
    California Credit Union League http://www.ccul.org
    CCUCC California Credit Union Collectors Council http://ccucc.com
    CCBA California Craft Brewing Association http://www.californiacraftbeer.com
    CCA California Court Association, Inc. http://www.calcourt.org
    CCSESA California County Superintendents Educational Services Association http://www.ccsesa.org
    CCA California Counseling Association http://www.cacounseling.org
    CCPG California Council on Problem Gambling http://calpg.org


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