October 21, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
REEA Real Estate Educators Association http://reea.org
REIPA Real Estate Information Professionals Association http://reipa.org
REISA Real Estate Investment Securities Association http://reisa.org
REMBI Real Estate Management Brokers Institute http://rembi.org
REMSA Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association http://remsa.org
RER Real Estate Roundtable http://www.rer.org
RERC Rural Electricity Resource Council http://rerc.org
RESNA Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America http://resna.org
RESOLVE Resolve, The National Infertility Association http://resolve.org
RESPRO RESPRO (Real Estate Services Providers Council) http://respro.org
RETA Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association http://reta.com
REVAA Real Estate Valuation Advocacy Association http://revaa.org
REW Rehabilitation Enterprises of Washington http://rewofwa.com
RFA Refrigerated Foods Association http://refrigeratedfoods.org
RFA Retail Florist Association http://etfa.org
RFA Renewable Fuels Association http://www.ethanolrfa.org
RFCI Resilient Floor Covering Institute http://rfci.com
RFMA Restaurant Facility Management Association http://rfmaonline.com
RFW Rehabilitation for Wisconsin in Action http://www.rfwia.org
RGA Republican Governors Association http://rga.org
RGA Republican Governors Association http://rga.org
RGA Retail Grocers Association of Greater Kansas City http://www.rgakc.com
RHA Resort Hotel Association http://rhainsure.com
RHBAA Racking Horse Breeders Association of America http://rackinghorse.com
RI AFL-CIO Rhode Island AFL-CIO http://ri.aflcio.org
RI/SME Robotics & Flexible Machinery Tech Group http://i.sme.org/roboticsandflexiblemachinery/Home
RIA Restoration Industry Association http://restorationindustry.org
RIA Robotic Industries Association http://robotics.org
RIAA Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) http://www.riaa.com
RIACC American College of Cardiology - Rhode Island Chapter http://riacc.org
RIADA Rhode Island Automobile Dealers Association http://www.riadaonline.com
RIAFP Rhode Island Academy of Family Physicians http://www.riafp.org
RIAFSA Rhode Island Association of Facilities and Services for the Aging http://www.riafsa.org
RIAFSA Rhode Island Association of Facilities and Services for the Aging http://www.riafsa.org
RIAGC Associated General Contractors of America - Rhode Island Chapter http://riagc.org
RIAJ Rhode Island Association for Justice http://www.rijustice.org
RIALA Rhode Island Assisted Living Association http://www.riala.org
RIANP Rhode Island Association of Naturopathic Physicians http://www.ndaccess.com/rianp
RIAPA Rhode Island Association of Public Accountants http://www.riapa.com
RIAR Rhode Island Association of REALTORS http://www.rirealtors.org
RIASBO Rhode Island ASBO http://www.riasbo.org
RIASC Rhode Island Association of School Committees http://www.ri-asc.org
RIBA Rhode Island Broadcasters Association http://www.ribroadcasters.com
RIBA Rhode Island Builders Association http://ribuilders.org
RIBA Rhode Island Bar Association http://www.ribar.com
RIBA Rhode Island Beverage Association http://www.ameribev.org/about-aba/other-associations/stat
RICA Railway Industrial Clearance Association http://rica.org
RICCMHO Rhode Island Council of Community Mental Health Organizations http://riccmho.org
RICUL Rhode Island Credit Union League http://www.riculeague.org
RID Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf http://www.rid.org
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