July 01, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
PCA Print Council of America http://printcouncil.org
PSDA Print Services & Distribution Association http://psda.org
PGAMA Printing & Graphics Association MidAtlantic http://www.pgama.com
PIAMS Printing and Imaging Association Mountain States http://www.piams.org
PIAG Printing and Imaging Association of Georgia http://www.piag.org
PIA Printing and Imaging Association of Mid-America http://piamidam.org
PAF Printing Association of Florida http://www.flprint.org
PBBA Printing Brokerage/Buyers Association International http://pbba.org
PIA Printing Industries Alliance http://pialliance.org
PIAZ Printing Industries Association of Arizona http://piaz.org
PIASC Printing Industries Association of Southern California http://www.piasc.org
PIANKO Printing Industries Association, Inc., Serving Northern Kentucky & Ohio http://pianko.org
PIA/GATF Printing Industries of America http://printing.org
PIC Printing Industries of Colorado http://www.printincolorado.org
PIM Printing Industries of Michigan http://print.org
PINE Printing Industries of New England http://www.pine.org
PIGC Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast http://pigulfcoast.com
PIM Printing Industries of the Midlands http://www.pimidlands.typepad.com
PIU Printing Industries of Utah http://www.piofutah.org
PIVA Printing Industries of Virginia http://www.piva.com
PIW Printing Industries of Wisconsin http://www.piw.org
PICE Printing Industry Credit Executives http://pice.com
PIFE Printing Industry Financial Executives http://printing.org/pife
PIM Printing Industry Midwest http://www.pimw.org/
PII Printing Industry of Illinois/Indiana Association http://www.pii.org
PIM Printing Industry of Minnesota http://www.pimn.org
PADA Private Art Dealers Association http://pada.net
PCSANJ Private Career School Association of New Jersey http://www.pcsanj.com
PEGCC Private Equity Growth Capital Council http://pegcc.org
PIBOAVA Private Investigator Business Owners Association of Virginia http://www.piava.org
PLMA Private Label Manufacturers Association http://plma.com
PPS Private Practice Section - American Physical Therapy Association (PPS-APTA) http://www.ppsapta.org
PPAT Private Providers Association of Texas http://www.ppat100.com
POPAI Probation Officers Professional Association of Indiana http://gopopai.org
PEMA Process Equipment Manufacturers' Association http://pemanet.org
PMA Produce Marketing Association http://pma.com
PGA Producers Guild of America http://producersguild.org
PDMA Product Development and Management Association http://pdma.org
Product Development and Management Association - Canada http://ontariopdma.ca
PLAC Product Liability Advisory Council http://plac.com
POMS Production and Operations Management Society http://poms.org
PERA Production Engine Remanufacturers Association http://pera.org
PERA Production Equipment Rental Association http://na.plasa.org/perg/perg.htm
PAAT Professional Advocacy Association of Texas http://www.paat.org
POD Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education http://podnetwork.org
PATCA Professional and Technical Consultants Association http://patca.org
PACE Professional Association for Childhood Education http://www.pacenet.org
PACE Professional Association for Customer Engagement http://paceassociation.com
PAR-OHIO Professional Association for Retardation in Ohio http://www.par-ohio.org
Professional Association Management Services, Inc. http://p-a-m-s.com
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