October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    KCJEA Kentucky County Judge Executive Association http://kcjea.org
    ICA Idaho Cattle Association http://www.idahocattle.org
    ILRA Idaho Lodging and Restaurant Association http://idaho-lodging-restaurants.com
    IPEA Idaho Public Employees Association http://www.ipeaonline.org/about.html
    IGPA Idaho Grain Producers Association http://www.idahograin.org
    IAHD Idaho Association of Highway Districts http://www.iahd.com
    IBWDA Idaho Beer and Wine Distributors Association http://www.ibwda.com/
    NHSBA New Hampshire School Boards Association http://www.nhsba.org
    NHFBF New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation http://nhfarmbureau.org
    NASW-VT National Association of Social Workers - Vermont Chapter http://www.naswvt.org
    VBA Vermont Bankers Association http://www.vtbanker.com
    AFT-NH American Federation of Teachers - New Hampshire http://nh.aft.org
    VPA Vermont Psychological Association http://www.vermontpsych.org
    VSEA Vermont State Employees Association http://vsea.org
    Vermont-NEA Vermont National Education Association http://www.vtnea.org
    AICUN Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Nebraska http://aicunebraska.org
    CBPA California Business Properties Association http://cbpa.com
    CWGA California Wool Growers Association http://www.woolgrowers.org
    NLA Nebraska Library Association http://www.nebraskalibraries.org
    NNA Nebraska Nurses Association http://www.nebraskanurses.org
    NPA Nebraska Pharmacists Association http://www.npharm.org
    AAAAM Area Agencies on Aging Association of Michigan http://mi-seniors.net
    MAC Michigan Association of Chiropractors http://www.chiromi.com
    MASACA Michigan Association of Substance Abuse Coordinating Agencies http://www.masaca.org
    MAC Michigan Association of Counties http://www.micounties.org
    IAAM Independent Accountants Association of Michigan http://iaam.net
    MiOTA Michigan Occupational Therapy Association http://www.mi-ota.com
    CHC California Housing Council, Inc. http://www.michellejellen.com/chc/index.htm
    CMBA California Mortgage Bankers Association http://www.cmba.com
    MIM Masonry Institute of Michigan http://www.mim-online.org
    GOA Georgia Oilmen's Association http://www.georgiaoilmensassoc.com
    CSDA California Special Districts Association http://www.csda.net
    CSSA California State Sheriffs' Association http://calsheriffs.org
    PCOC Pest Control Operators of California http://www.pcoc.org
    KBA Kentucky Broadcasters Association http://www.KBA.org
    KMA Kentucky Marina Association http://www.kentucky-marinas.com
    TNAO Tennessee Academy of Ophthalmology http://www.tneyemds.org
    NYSAFC New York State Association of Fire Chiefs http://nysfirechiefs.com
    TOSS Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents http://tnsupts.org
    NYLA New York Library Association http://www.nyla.org
    TSEA Tennessee State Employees Association http://www.tseaonline.org
    NYSRA New York State Restaurant Association http://www.nysra.org
    TSPE Texas Society of Professional Engineers http://tspe.org
    OAFP Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians http://www.okafp.org
    MMBA Maryland Mortgage Bankers Association http://www.mdmba.org
    OPBA Oklahoma Pawnbrokers Association http://oklahomapawnbrokersassociation.org
    MPHCC Maryland Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors http://www.phccmd.org
    AIA-ND American Institute of Architects - North Dakota http://aianorthdakota.org
    PTA Pennsylvania Tavern Association http://www.pataverns.com
    PACVB Pennsylvania Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus http://www.pacvb.org


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