October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    POF Professional Opticians of Florida http://pofce.org
    PPAM Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts http://ppam.com
    PPANE Professional Photographers Association of New England http://www.ppane.com
    PPANM Professional Photographers Association of New Mexico http://ppanm.com
    PPAOFPA Professional Photographers Association of Pennsylvania http://www.ppaofpa.org
    PPA Professional Photographers of America http://www.ppa.com
    PPA Professional Photographers of America http://ppa.com
    PPC Professional Photographers of California http://www.ppconline.com
    PPI Professional Photographers of Indiana http://ppofi.org
    PPI Professional Photographers of Iowa http://www.ppiowa.com
    PPM Professional Photographers of Michigan http://www.ppm.org
    PPO Professional Photographers of Ohio http://ppofohio.org
    PPW Professional Photographers of Washington http://ppw.org
    PPWV Professional Photographers of West Virginia http://www.ppwv.org
    PPSNYS Professional Photographers Society of New York State http://ppsnys.com
    PPFA Professional Picture Framers Association http://pmai.org/ppfa
    PPA Professional Putters Association http://proputters.com
    PROS Professional Reactor Operator Society http://nucpros.com
    PRISM Professional Records and Information Services Management International http://prismintl.org
    Professional Relations And Research Institute http://prri.com
    PRO Professional Remodelers of Ohio http://www.proohio.org
    PRSM Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association http://prsm.com
    PRCA Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association http://prorodeo.com
    PSPA Professional School Photographers Association International http://pmai.org/pspa/
    PSA Professional Service Association http://psaworld.com
    PSOC Professional Servicers Organization of California http://psoca.org
    PSC Professional Services Council http://pscouncil.org
    PSMA Professional Services Management Association http://www.psmanet.org
    PSMA Professional Show Managers Association http://psmashows.org
    PSA Professional Skaters Association http://skatepsa.com
    PSIA-E Professional Ski Instructors of America - Eastern Division http://psia-e.org
    SMT Professional Society for Sales and Marketing Training http://smt.org
    PTR Professional Tennis Registry http://ptrtennis.org
    PTROI Professional Towing and Recovery Operators of Illinois http://ptroi.com
    PWC Professional Women Controllers http://pwcinc.org
    PWC Professional Women in Construction http://pwcusa.org/v2/
    PWP Professional Women Photographers http://pwponline.org
    PWSA Professional Women Singers Association http://womensingers.org
    PWOF Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida http://pwof.org
    PIHRA Professionals in Human Resources Association http://www.pihra.org
    PSCA Profit Sharing/401 (k) Council of America http://www.psca.org
    PGTA Progressive Gardening Trade Association http://pgta.org
    PMI Project Management Institute http://pmi.org
    PromaxBDA PROMAX/BDA http://promaxbda.org
    PMA Promotion Marketing Association http://pmalink.org
    PPAI Promotional Products Association International http://ppai.org
    PERC Propane Engine Fuel Committee/Propane Education and Research Council http://propanecouncil.org
    PGAM Propane Gas Association of Maine http://www.npga.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=544
    PGANE Propane Gas Association of New England http://www.pgane.org
    PMAK Propane Marketers Association of Kansas http://www.pmak.org


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