April 18, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
USTF United States Tuna Foundation http://www.healthytuna.com
USTF Tuna Council http://healthytuna.com
USTFA United States Trout Farmers Association http://ustfa.org
USTOA United States Tour Operators Association http://ustoa.com
USTSA United States Targhee Sheep Association http://ustargheesheep.org
USTTA United States Table Tennis Association http://www.usatt.org
USW United Steelworkers of America AFL-CIO - District 11 http://usw.org/districts/new?district=11
USW United States Wheat Associates, Inc. http://uswheat.org
USWA United Steelworkers of America http://www.usw.org
USWA United Steelworkers of America http://usw.org
UTA Utah Trucking Association http://www.utahtrucking.com
UTA Used Truck Association http://uta.org
UTA Used Textbook Association http://usedtextbookassociation.org
UTA Utah Taxpayers Association http://www.utahtaxpayers.org
UTA United Trustees Association http://www.unitedtrustees.com
UTC Utah Technology Council http://www.utahtechcouncil.org
UTC Utilities Telecom Council http://utc.org
UTCA Utility and Transportation Contractors Association of New Jersey http://www.utcanj.org
UTIC Utah Tourism Industry Coalition http://utahtourism.org
UTU United Transportation Union Legislative Board of Texas http://www.ututx.org
UTU United Transportation Union of Indiana http://www.unions.org/unions/united-transportation
UTU United Transportation Union http://utu.org
UTU-KS United Transportation Union - Kansas Chapter http://utu.org/contact/state-legislative-directors
UUCF Underground Utility Contractors of Florida http://www.uucf.com
UURWAW United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers http://www.unionroofers.com
UURWAW United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers http://unionroofers.com
UWC UWC - Strategic Services on Unemployment and Workers' Compensation http://uwcstrategy.org
UWUA Utility Workers Union of America http://uwua.net
UXPA User Experience Professionals Association http://usabilityprofessionals.org
VA AWWA American Water Works Association - Virginia Section http://www.vaawwa.org
VA-AAP American Academy of Pediatrics-Virginia Chapter http://www.virginiapediatrics.org
VA-AWI Architectural Woodwork Institute - Virginia Chapter http://www.awinet.org/contactus/chapters.cfm
VAA Vermont Attractions Association http://www.vtattractions.org
VAA Virginia Automotive Association http://www.vaauto.org
VAA Virginia Angus Association http://vaangus.org
VAA Vermont Ambulance Association http://www.the-vaa.org
VAA Virginia Asphalt Association http://www.vaasphalt.org
VAAUS Venezuelan American Association of the U.S. http://venezuelanamerican.org
VAB Virginia Association of Broadcasters http://www.vabonline.com
VAB Vermont Association of Broadcasters http://www.vab.org
VaBIO Virginia Biotechnology Association http://www.vabio.org
VABT Virginia Association of Biology Teachers http://www.nabt.org/websites/institution/index.php?p=140
VAC Virginia Agribusiness Council http://www.va-agribusiness.org
VAC Vinyl Acetate Council http://vinylacetate.org
VACAP Virginia Community Action Partnership http://www.vacap.com
VACB Virginia Association of Community Banks http://www.vacb.org
VACCE Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives http://www.vachamber.com
VACDL Vermont Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers http://www.vtacdl.com
VACEP Virginia College of Emergency Physicians http://www.vacep.org
VACo Virginia Association of Counties http://www.vaco.org
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