April 17, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
VFIC Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges http://www.vfic.org
VFPA Virginia Forest Products Association http://www.vfpa.net
VGA Vermont Grocers Association http://www.vtgrocers.org
VGEA Virginia Governmental Employees Association http://www.vgea.org
VGPA Virginia Grain Producers Association http://www.virginiagrains.com
VHA Virginia Holstein Association http://www.vaholstein.org
VHBPA Virginia Horsemen's Benevolent & Protective Association http://www.vhbpa.org
VHC Virginia Horse Council http://www.virginiahorsecouncil.org
VHCA Virginia Health Care Association http://www.vhca.org
VHCA Vermont Health Care Association http://www.vhca.net
VHEC Vermont Higher Education Council http://www.vhec.info
VHHA Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association http://www.vhha.com
VHMA Veterinary Hospital Managers Association http://vhma.org
VHTA Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association http://www.vhta.org
VI Vibration Institute http://vi-institute.org
VI Vinyl Institute http://vinylinfo.org
VI The Vinegar Institute http://versatilevinegar.org
VIAA Vermont Insurance Agents Association http://www.viaa.org
VIADA Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://www.viada.org
VIDPI Visually Impaired Data Processors International http://acb.org/vidpi
VIECA Vermont Independent Electrical Contractors Association http://www.agcvt.org/vieca
VIPPA Vermont Independent Power Producers Association http://www.revermont.org
VISA Vermont Independent Schools Association http://www.vtindependentschools.org
VISCMA Vibration Isolation and Seismic Control Manufacturers Association http://viscma.com
VITA VITA http://vita.com/
VLA Virginia Library Association http://www.vla.org
VLCT Vermont League of Cities and Towns http://www.vlct.org
VLGMA Virginia Local Government Management Association http://www.vlgma.org
VLTA Virginia Land Title Association http://www.vlta.org
VLWA Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association http://www.vlwa.org
VMA Virginia Mining Association, Inc. http://www.virginiaminingassoc.com
VMA Virginia Manufacturers Association http://www.vamanufacturers.com
VMA Valve Manufacturers Association of America http://vma.org
VMBA Vermont Mortgage Bankers Association http://www.vermontmba.org
VMCCA Veteran Motor Car Club of America http://www.vmcca.org
VMCTA Vermont Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Association http://www.vmcta.org
VMDA Virginia Motorcycle Dealers Association http://www.vmda.org
VMDAEC Virginia, Maryland and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives http://www.vmdaec.com
VMEA Virginia Music Educators Association http://www.vmea.com
VML Virginia Municipal League http://www.vml.org
VMLA Virginia Mortgage Lenders Association http://www.virginiamla.com
VMS Vermont Medical Society http://www.vtmd.org
VMTA Virginia Marine Trades Association http://www.vamarinetrades.org
VMWA Virginia Movers and Warehousemen's Association http://www.vmwa.org
VNA Virginia Nurses' Association http://www.virginianurses.com
VNA Visiting Nurse Association Healthcare Partners of Ohio http://www.vnaohio.org
VNA Virginia Nurses Association http://www.virginianurses.com
VNAA Visiting Nurse Associations of America http://www.vnaa.org
VNAA Visiting Nurse Associations of America http://vnaa.org
VNGA Virginia National Guard Association http://www.vnga.org
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