October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    OBC Oregon Business Council http://www.orbusinesscouncil.org
    CEA Connecticut Education Association http://www.cea.org
    CJA Connecticut Jewelers Association http://www.ctjewelers.org
    LeadingAge California http://www.aging.org
    ICAC International Chiropractors Association of California http://www.icacweb.com
    WCLBMA West Coast Lumber & Building Material Association http://www.lumberassociation.org
    CPDA California Public Defenders Association http://www.claraweb.us
    NACM National Association of Credit Management - Colorado http://www.nacmcolorado.com
    RCAC Roofing Contractors Association of California http://www.rcacal.com
    CIHC California Industrial Hygiene Council http://www.cihconline.com
    CWC California Walnut Commission http://www.walnuts.org
    CREA Colorado Rural Electric Association http://www.crea.coop
    ECEA Early Childhood Education Association of Colorado http://www.coloradoecea.org
    TACA Tennessee Association of Community Action http://www.tncommunityaction.org
    TECA Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association http://www.tnelectric.org
    THCA Tennessee Health Care Association http://www.thca.org
    MEACC Maine Association of Conservation Commissions http://www.meacc.net
    HAT Hospital Alliance of Tennessee http://www.hospitalalliancetn.com
    TCA Tennessee Concrete Association http://www.tnconcrete.org
    TLA Tennessee Library Association http://www.tnla.org
    HBAT Home Builders Association of Tennessee http://www.hbat.org
    CRS California Radiological Society http://www.calrad.org
    CCA California Cattlemen's Association http://calcattlemen.org
    CRCA Connecticut Roofing Contractors Association http://www.crcainc.org
    VAA Vermont Ambulance Association http://www.the-vaa.org
    VTAJ Vermont Association for Justice http://vermontjustice.org
    CFCA California Fire Chiefs Association http://www.calchiefs.org
    AGCVT Associated General Contractors of Vermont http://www.agcvt.org
    VPA Vermont Pharmacists Association http://www.vtpharmacists.com
    WAMO Wisconsin Amusement and Music Operators, Inc. http://www.wamo.net
    LAW Labor Association of Wisconsin http://www.law-inc-wi.com
    TCGA Texas Cotton Ginners' Association http://www.tcga.org
    TRA Texas Restaurant Association http://www.restaurantville.com
    THLA Texas Hotel and Lodging Association http://www.texaslodging.com
    Texas Council of Engineering Companies http://acectx.org
    TAB Texas Association of Broadcasters http://tab.org
    TAB Texas Association of Builders http://www.texasbuilders.org
    BOAT Building Officials Association of Texas http://www.boatx.org
    TSDA Texas Beverage Association http://texbev.org
    TARA Texas Automotive Recycler's Association http://www.texasara.com
    THAA Texas Hearing Aid Association http://www.texashearingaids.org
    TPPA Texas Public Power Association http://www.tppa.com
    SWIA Southwestern Ice Association http://www.southwesterniceassociation.org
    SCMLA The South Central Modern Language Association http://southcentralmla.org
    TPGA Texas Pecan Growers Association http://www.tpga.org
    TEXPERS Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems http://www.texpers.org
    CPMA Colorado Podiatric Medical Association http://www.colopma.org
    COA Colorado Outfitters Association http://www.coloradooutfitters.org
    WSAJ Washington State Association for Justice http://www.wstla.org
    PSE Public School Employees of Washington http://pseclassified.org


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