June 30, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
SBLC SB Latex Council http://regnet.com/sblc
SBLC Small Business Legislative Council http://sblc.org
SBM State Bar of Montana http://www.montanabar.org
SBM State Bar of Michigan http://www.michbar.org
SBM Society of Behavioral Medicine http://sbm.org
SBMA Southern Building Material Association http://southernbuilder.org
SBN State Bar of Nevada http://nvbar.org
SBNM State Bar of New Mexico http://www.nmbar.org
SBP The Society of Wedding Professionals http://societyofweddingprofessionals.org
SBREB The Sugarbeet Research and Education Board of Minnesota and North Dakota http://www.sbreb.org
SBS Society for Biomolecular Sciences http://www.sbsonline.org
SBSBA Scottish Blackface Breeders Association http://ramshornstudio.com/scottish_blackface.htm
SBSD State Bar of South Dakota http://www.sdbar.org
SC Sculptors Guild http://sculptorsguild.org
SC Society for Cryobiology http://societyforcryobiology.org
SC AECT Association for Educational Communications and Technology of South Carolina http://www.scetv.org/
SC PRIMA South Carolina Public Risk Management Association http://scprima.org
SC&RA Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association http://scranet.org
SC&RA Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association http://scranet.org
SC-MESA South Carolina Medical Equipment Services Association http://www.scmesa.com
SC-OABI State Chamber - Oklahoma's Association of Business and Industry http://www.okstatechamber.com
SCA Society of California Accountants http://gosca.com
SCA Society for Cultural Anthropology http://production.culanth.org
SCA Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists http://scahq.org
SCA Sewing and Craft Alliance http://sewing.org
SCA Shipbuilders Council of America http://shipbuilders.org
SCA Smart Card Alliance http://smartcardalliance.org
SCA Southern Cotton Association http://www.southerncottonassociation.com
SCA Slag Cement Association http://slagcement.org
SCA Shipbuilders Council of America http://shipbuilders.org
SCA Smart Card Alliance http://smartcardalliance.org
SCA Student Conservation Association http://www.thesca.org
SCA Society for Creative Anachronism http://www.sca.org
SCAA Specialty Coffee Association of America http://scaa.org
SCAA Spill Control Association of America http://scaa-spill.org
SCAA South Carolina Aviation Association http://scaaonline.com
SCAAAE South Central American Association of Airport Executives http://scaaae.org
SCAADAC South Carolina Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors http://www.scaadac.org
SCABB South Central Association of Blood Banks http://www.scabb.org
SCABSE South Carolina Alliance of Black School Educators http://www.scabse.net
SCABT South Carolina Association of Biology Teachers http://www.nabt.org/websites/institution/index.php?p=140
SCAC South Carolina Association of Counties http://sccounties.org
SCACDC South Carolina Association of Community Development Corporations, Inc. http://www.communitydevelopmentsc.org
SCACDL South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers http://scacdl.org
SCACHFS South Carolina Association of Children's Homes and Family Services http://www.scchildandfamily.org
SCACHFS The Palmetto Association for Children and Families http://www.scchildandfamily.org
SCACM South Central Association for Clinical Microbiology http://scacm.org
SCACPA South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants http://www.scacpa.org
SCACS South Carolina Association of Convenience Stores http://www.scacs.org
SCADA State of California Auto Dismantlers Association http://scada1.com
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