July 01, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
SDANA South Dakota Association of Nurse Anesthetists http://sdana.com
SDAPHCC South Dakota Association of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors http://www.sdphcc.org
SDAR South Dakota Association of REALTORS http://sdrealtor.org
SDARWS South Dakota Association of Rural Water Systems http://www.sdarws.com
South Dakota Association of Specialty Care Providers http://www.ascassociation.org/ASCA/AboutUs/RelatedOrganizations/StateAssociation...
SDATC South Dakota Association of Telephone Cooperatives http://www.sdatconline.com
SDATAT South Dakota Association of Towns and Townships http://sdtownships.com
SDADA South Dakota Automobile Dealers Association http://sdautodealer.com
SDBA South Dakota Bankers Association http://sdba.com
SDBIC South Dakota Beef Industry Council http://sdbeef.org
SDBA South Dakota Broadcasters Association http://sdba.org
SDCA South Dakota Cattlemen's Association http://www.sdcattlemen.org
SDCPAS South Dakota Certified Public Accountant Society http://sdcpa.org
SDCCI South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry http://www.sdchamber.biz
SDCA South Dakota Chiropractors Association http://www.sdchiropractors.com
SDCGA South Dakota Corn Growers Association http://www.sdcorn.org
SDCA South Dakota Counseling Association http://www.sdcounseling.org
SDDLA South Dakota Defense Lawyers Association http://sddla.com
SDDA South Dakota Dental Association http://www.sddental.org
SDEA South Dakota Education Association http://www.sdea.org
SDES South Dakota Engineering Society http://sdes.org
SDFBF South Dakota Farm Bureau Federation http://sdfbf.org
SDFU South Dakota Farmers Union http://www.sdfu.org
SDFDA South Dakota Funeral Directors Association http://www.sdfda.org
SDGFA South Dakota Grain and Feed Association http://www.sdgfa.org
SDHCA South Dakota Health Care Association http://www.sdhca.org
SDHA South Dakota Hereford Association http://www.southdakotaherefords.org
SDHBA South Dakota Home Builders Association http://www.sdhomebuilders.com
SDIADA South Dakota Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://sdiada.com
SDIGA South Dakota Insurance Guaranty Association http://sdakota.ncigf.org
SDLICA South Dakota Land Improvement Contractors Association http://www.southdakotalica.com
SDLHIGA South Dakota Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association http://www.sdlifega.org
SDLHIGA South Dakota Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association http://www.sdlifega.org
SDMHA South Dakota Manufactured Housing Association http://sdmha.net
SDMHA South Dakota Multi Housing Association http://www.sdmha.com
SDML South Dakota Municipal League http://www.sdmunicipalleague.org
SDNA South Dakota Newspaper Association http://sdna.com
SDNA South Dakota Nurses Association http://www.sdnursesassociation.org
SDOS South Dakota Optometric Society http://www.sdeyes.org
SDONE South Dakota Organization of Nurse Executives http://sdone.org
SDPOA South Dakota Peace Officers Association http://www.southdakotapoa.com
SDPOA South Dakota Peace Officers' Association http://southdakotapoa.com
SDPA South Dakota Perinatal Association http://www.sdperinatal.org
SD2PMA South Dakota Petroleum & Propane Marketers Association http://sdp2ma.com
SD2PMA South Dakota Petroleum and Propane Marketers Association http://www.sdp2ma-sdacs.com
SDPhA South Dakota Pharmacists Association http://www.sdpha.org
SDPTA South Dakota Physical Therapy Association http://www.sdapta.org
SDPPC South Dakota Pork Producers Council http://www.sdppc.org
SDPIA South Dakota Poultry Industries Association http://turkeyanyday.com
SDPA South Dakota Psychiatric Association http://apps.psychiatry.org/dblisting
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