July 01, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
AALPI Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators http://aalpi.org
AAI Arizona Association of Industries http://www.azind.org
AZAEP Arizona Association of Environmental Professionals http://www.azaep.org/index.html
AADC Arizona Association of Defense Counsel http://www.azadc.org
AACE Arizona Association of County Engineers http://www.azace.org
AACo Arizona Association of Counties http://www.azcounties.org
AACD Arizona Association of Conservation Districts http://www.nacdnet.org/about/districts/directory/az.phtml
AACHC Arizona Association of Community Health Centers http://www.aachc.org
AAC Arizona Association of Chiropractic http://www.azchiropractic.org
AACOP Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police http://azchiefsofpolice.org
AAHC Arizona Association for Home Care http://www.azhomecare.org
Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents http://azafap.org
AAED Arizona Association for Economic Development http://aaed.com
AZ ALFA Arizona Assisted Living Federation of America http://www.azalfa.org
AAEA Arizona Art Education Association http://azarted.org
AAS Arizona Archaeological Society http://www.azarchsoc.org
AZ-NMCCA Arizona and New Mexico Cable Telecommunications Association http://www.azcable.org
AASCA Arizona Ambulatory Surgery Center Association http://www.arizonaasc.org
AzAA Arizona Ambulance Association http://www.azambulance.org
AzAA Arizona Alarm Association http://azalarms.org
AAAA Arizona Agricultural Aviation Association http://www.azagav.org
AzAFP Arizona Academy of Family Physicians http://azafp.org
AACC Argentine-American Chamber of Commerce http://argentinechamber.org
AAAAM Area Agencies on Aging Association of Michigan http://mi-seniors.net
ALHHS Archivists and Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences http://alhhs.org
AWI Architectural Woodwork Institute - Wisconsin http://www.awinet.org/content.asp?contentid=128
Architectural Woodwork Institute - Washington http://www.awiwashingtonchapter.org
VA-AWI Architectural Woodwork Institute - Virginia Chapter http://awinet.org
Architectural Woodwork Institute - Virginia http://awinet.org/contactus/chapters.cfm
Architectural Woodwork Institute - Texas http://www.texasawi.org
AWI Architectural Woodwork Institute - New Mexico http://www.awinet.org/content.asp?contentid=128
AWI Architectural Woodwork Institute - New Jersey http://njawi.org
NEAWI Architectural Woodwork Institute - New England Chapter http://www.neawi.org
AWI Minnesota Architectural Woodwork Institute - Minnesota http://www.awimn.org
Architectural Woodwork Institute - Iowa/Nebraska http://awinet.org/contactus/chapters.cfm
Architectural Woodwork Institute - Heart of America http://www.heartofamericaawi.org
AWI Architectural Woodwork Institute - Great Lakes http://www.awigreatlakes.org
Architectural Woodwork Institute - Florida http://www.awiflnet.org/
AWI Architectural Woodwork Institute - Empire State http://www.awiempirestate.com/
Architectural Woodwork Institute - Colorado http://awi-colorado.com/
Architectural Woodwork Institute - Carolinas http://awicarolinas.org/
Architectural Woodwork Institute - Arizona http://www.awinet.org/content.asp?contentid=128
AWI Architectural Woodwork Institute http://awinet.org
APA Architectural Precast Association http://archprecast.org
Architectural League of New York http://archleague.org
Architectural Engineering Institute - Nebraska Chapter http://www.asce.org/architectural-engineering/aei-chapter
AEI Architectural Engineering Institute http://asce.org/AEI
ATA Archery Trade Association http://archerytrade.org
ARRO Archery Range and Retailers Organization http://archeryretailers.com
ASV Archeological Society of Virginia http://www.asv-archeology.org
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