June 30, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
AWCIA American Weather and Climate Industry Association http://awcia.org
AWO American Waterways Operators http://americanwaterways.com
AWC American Watercraft Association http://www.awahq.org
SCAWWA American Water Works Association-South Carolina http://www.scawwa.org
VA AWWA American Water Works Association - Virginia Section http://www.vaawwa.org
AWWA NJ American Water Works Association - New Jersey Section http://www.njawwa.org
KsAWWA American Water Works Association - Kansas Section http://ksawwa.org
ISAWWA American Water Works Association - Illinois Section http://www.isawwa.org
FSAWWA American Water Works Association - Florida Section http://fsawwa.org
CSAWWA American Water Works Association - Chesapeake Section http://www.csawwa.org
CA-NV AWWA American Water Works Association - California/Nevada Section http://ca-nv-awwa.org
AWWA American Water Works Association http://awwa.org
AWRA American Water Resources Association http://awra.org
AWCI American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute http://awci.com
AWA American Watch Association http://americanwatchassociation.com
AWR American Warmblood Registry http://americanwarmblood.com
AWMA American Walnut Manufacturers Association http://walnutassociation.org
AVCA American Volleyball Coaches Association http://avca.org
AVA American Volkssporting Association http://www2.ava.org
AVIOS American Voice Input/Output Society http://avios.org
AVS American Viola Society http://americanviolasociety.org
AVSAB American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior http://avsabonline.org
AVMA American Veterinary Medical Association http://avma.org
AVMA American Veterinary Medical Association http://avma.org
AVDA American Veterinary Distributors Association http://avda.net
AVDS American Veterinary Dental Society http://avds-online.org
AVF American Venous Forum http://veinforum.org
AVA American Veal Association http://americanveal.com
WSAUA American Urological Association - Western Section http://wsaua.org
SESAUA American Urological Association - Southeastern Section http://sesaua.net
NYAUA American Urological Association - New York Section http://www.nyaua.com
NE-AUA American Urological Association - New England Section http://neaua.org
AUA American Urological Association http://auanet.org
AUGS American Urogynecologic Society http://augs.org
AUA American Underground-Construction Association http://uca.smenet.org
American Turners http://www.americanturners.com
ATA American Trucking Associations http://trucking.org
ATA American Trucking Associations http://truckline.com
ATHS American Truck Historical Society http://www.aths.org
ATD American Truck Dealers http://nada.org/American+Truck+Dealers
ATS American Trauma Society http://amtrauma.org
ATA American Translators Association http://atanet.org
ATA American Trakehner Association http://americantrakehner.com
ATDA American Train Dispatchers Association http://atdd.homestead.com/atddpg1.html
American Traffic Safety Services Association - Wisconsin Chapter http://www.atssa.com/MemberCenter/ChapterNetwork/WisconsinChapter.aspx
American Traffic Safety Services Association - Virginia Chapter http://www.atssa.com/MemberCenter/ChapterNetwork/VirginiaChapter.aspx
American Traffic Safety Services Association - Texas Chapter http://www.atssa.com/MemberCenter/ChapterNetwork/TexasChapter.aspx
American Traffic Safety Services Association - Rocky Mountain Chapter http://www.atssa.com/MemberCenter/ChapterNetwork/RockyMountain.aspx
American Traffic Safety Services Association - Pennsylvania Chapter http://www.atssa.com/MemberCenter/ChapterNetwork/PennsylvaniaChapter.aspx
American Traffic Safety Services Association - Ohio Chapter http://www.atssa.com/MemberCenter/ChapterNetwork/OhioChapter.aspx
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