July 01, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
STR Society of Thoracic Radiology http://thoracicrad.org
STRIMA State Risk and Insurance Management Association http://strima.org
STS Southeast Tourism Society http://southeasttourism.org
STS Society for Textual Scholarship http://textual.org
STS Society of Thoracic Surgeons http://sts.org
STSA Southern Thoracic Surgical Association http://www.stsa.org
STTI Sigma Theta Tau International http://nursingsociety.org
SUA Silver Users Association http://silverusersassociation.org
SUDIA Southeast United Dairy Industry Association http://www.southeastdairy.org
SUNA Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates http://suna.org
SUO-HNS Society of University Otolaryngologists-Head and Neck Surgeons http://suo-aado.org
SUP Sailors' Union of the Pacific http://sailors.org
SUR Society for Uroradiology http://uroradiology.org
SURA Southeastern Universities Research Association http://www.sura.org
SUS Society of University Surgeons http://susweb.org
SUSTA Southern United States Trade Association http://www.susta.org
SUU Society of University Urologists http://suunet.org
SVC Society of Vacuum Coaters http://svc.org
SVHE Society for Values in Higher Education http://svhe.org
SVIA Stable Value Investment Association http://stablevalue.org
SVIA Specialty Vehicle Institute of America http://svia.org
SVM Society for Vascular Medicine http://vascularmed.org
SVN Society for Vascular Nursing http://svnnet.org
SVN Social Venture Network http://svn.org
SVP Society of Vertebrate Paleontology http://vertpaleo.org
SVS Society for Vascular Surgery http://vascularweb.org
SVS Society for Vascular Surgery http://vascularweb.org
SVU Society for Vascular Ultrasound http://svunet.org
SWA Southwestern Association http://www.swassn.com
SWA Southeastern Warehouse Association http://www.swaonline.org
SWAAAE Southwest Chapter of American Association of Airport Executives http://www.swaaae.org
SWACHA SWACHA - The Electronic Payments Resource http://swacha.org
SWACSM American College of Sports Medicine - Southwest Chapter http://www.swacsm.org
SWAM Southwest Academy of Management http://www.swamfbd.org/
SWAMP Stuntwomen's Association of Motion Pictures http://stuntwomen.com
SWANA SWANA - Solid Waste Association of North America http://swana.org
SWANA-AL Solid Waste Association of North America - Alabama Chapter http://swanachapters.org/alabama
SWANA-CC Solid Waste Association of North America - California Chapters http://www.swanacal-leg.org
SWANH Software Association of New Hampshire http://swanh.org/
SWAPA Southwest Airlines Pilots Association http://swapa.org
SWAPA Southwest Airlines Pilots Association http://swapa.org
SWARS Southwest Association of Rail Shippers http://www.swrailshippers.com
SWBCS Southwest Business Credit Services http://nacmaz.org
SWBI Southwestern Brick Institute http://www.gobricksoutheast.com
SWCCA Southwest Cable Communication Association http://swcable.org
SWCHA Southwest College Health Association http://acha.org/SWCHA
SWCS Soil and Water Conservation Society http://swcs.org
SWCSNM Southwestern Chapter of the Society of Nuclear Medicine http://swc-snmmi.org
SWDA Souvenir Wholesale Distributors Association http://souvenircentral.org
SWE The Society of Wine Educators http://societyofwineeducators.org
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