July 03, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
TSAF Texas Society of American Foresters http://safnet.org/statesocieties/index.cfm?chapterIndex=2
TSA Texas Society of Anesthesiologists http://tsa.org
TSA/AIA Texas Society of Architects/AIA http://texasarchitects.org
TSAE Texas Society of Association Executives http://www.tsae.org
TSCPA Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.tscpa.org
TSHP Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists http://tshp.org
TSMA Texas Society of Medical Assistants http://www.mytsma.org/Home_Page_D0O6.php
TSMO Texas Society of Medical Oncology http://www.tsmo-texas.com
TSP Texas Society of Pathologists http://texpath.org
TSPS Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons http://tsps.net
TSPE Texas Society of Professional Engineers http://tspe.org
TSPS Texas Society of Professional Surveyors http://www.tsps.org
TSPP Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians http://www.txpsych.org
TXSES Texas Solar Energy Society http://www.txses.org
TSHA Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Association http://www.txsha.org
TSAFF Texas State Association of Fire Fighters http://tsaff.org
TSFA Texas State Florists' Association http://tsfa.org
TSLB Texas State Legislative Board of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen http://tslb.org
TSTA Texas State Teachers Association http://www.tsta.org
TSTA Texas State Troopers Association http://www.texasstatetroopers.org
TTTCA Texas Tank Truck Carriers Association http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cac
TTARA Texas Taxpayers and Research Association http://ttara.org
TTA Texas Telephone Association http://www.tta.org
TTS Texas Thoracic Society http://www-archive.thoracic.org/sections/chapters/
TTA Texas Thoroughbred Association http://www.texasthoroughbred.com
TTDA Texas Tire Dealers and Retreaders Association http://www.texastiredealers.org
TTSA Texas Towing and Storage Association http://www.ttsa.org
TTA Texas Transit Association http://texastransit.org
TTIA Texas Travel Industry Association http://www.ttia.org
TTLA Texas Trial Lawyers Association http://www.ttla.com
TXTA Texas Trucking Association http://www.tmta.com
TTA Texas Turfgrass Association http://texasturf.com
TUS Texas Urological Society http://www.texasurologist.org
TVA Texas Vegetable Association http://www.valleyagonline.com
TVMA Texas Veterinary Medical Association http://www.tvma.org
TWA Texas Warehouse Association http://www.texaswarehouseassociation.com
TWCA Texas Water Conservation Association http://www.twca.org
TWQA Texas Water Quality Association http://www.twqa.org
TWUA Texas Water Utilities Association http://www.twua.org
TWA Texas Watermelon Association http://www.texaswatermelon.com
TWOA Texas Waterways Operators Association http://twoa.org
TWPA Texas Wheat Producers Board and Association http://www.texaswheat.org
TWGGA Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association http://www.txwines.org
TYLA Texas Young Lawyers Association http://www.tyla.org
TMFFC Texas-Mexican Frozen Food Council http://tmffc.affi.org
TAA Text and Academic Authors Association http://taaonline.net
TBPA Textile Bag and Packaging Association http://textilepackaging.org
TCATA Textile Care Allied Trades Association http://tcata.org
TFBPA Textile Fibers and By-Products Association http://tfbpa.org
TRSA Textile Rental Services Association of America http://trsa.org
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