April 28, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
THA Tennessee Hospital Association http://tha.com
THA Texas Hospital Association http://www.tha.org
THA Texas Hospital Association http://www.tha.org
THA Tennessee Hospital Association http://www.tha.com
THAA Texas Hearing Aid Association http://www.texashearingaids.org
THCA Texas Health Care Association http://www.txhca.org
THCA Tennessee Health Care Association http://www.thca.org
THIMA Tennessee Health Information Management Association http://www.thima.org
THLA Texas Hotel and Lodging Association http://www.texaslodging.com
THSCA Texas High School Coaches Association http://thsca.pointstreaksites.com
THT Texas Healthcare Trustees http://www.tht.org
Ti Thermoforming Institute http://spithermoformers.org
TI Toastmasters International http://toastmasters.org
TI:ME The Technology Institute for Music Educators http://ti-me.org
TIA Telecommunications Industry Association http://tiaonline.org
TIA Tortilla Industry Association http://tortilla-info.com
TIA Tennis Industry Association http://tennisindustry.org
TIA Tire Industry Association http://tireindustry.org
TIA Transportation Intermediaries Association http://tianet.org
TIA Toy Industry Association http://toyassociation.org
TIA Toy Industry Association http://toyassociation.org
TIAA Texas Independent Automotive Association http://www.tiaa.net
TIACA The International Air Cargo Association http://tiaca.org
TIADA Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://www.txiada.com
TIAFT The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists http://tiaft.org
TIAK Travel Industry Association of Kansas http://tiak.org
TIAW The International Alliance for Women http://tiaw.org
TIBD Texas Institute of Building Design http://www.tibd.org
TICA The International Cat Association http://www.tica.org
TICUA Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association http://www.ticua.org
TIES The International Ecotourism Society http://ecotourism.org
TIIAA Texas Independent Insurance Adjusters Association http://tiiaa.net
TIP Texas Insurance Professionals http://www.piatx.org
TIPRO Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association http://www.tipro.org
TIVA Texas Industrial Vocational Association http://tiva.org
TJA Texas Jewelers Association http://texasjewelers.org
TJC The Jockey Club http://jockeyclub.com
TJG Travel Journalists Guild http://tjgonline.com
TKGA The Knitting Guild Association http://tkga.com
TLA Texas Library Association http://www.txla.org
TLA Theatre Library Association http://tla-online.org
TLA Transportation Lawyers Association http://translaw.org
TLA Tennessee Library Association http://www.tnla.org
TLA-DC Trial Lawyers Association of Metropolitan DC http://www.tla-dc.org
TLBAA Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America http://tlbaa.org
TLCCA Texas Licensed Child Care Association http://www.tlcca.org
TLHIGA Tennessee Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association http://www.tnlifega.org
TLHIGA Tennessee Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association http://www.tnlifega.org
TLMI Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute http://tlmi.com
TLP Tennessee Livestock Producers http://www.tennesseelivestockproducers.com
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