October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    NNSDO National Nursing Staff Development Organization http://www.nnsdo.org
    AIHA American Italian Historical Association http://www.aihaweb.org
    LOMA Life Office Management Association http://www.loma.org
    USAT USA Taekwonda http://www.usa-taekwondo.us
    SGR Society of Gastrointestinal Radiologists http://www.sgr.org
    NAGTD National Association of Golf Tournament Directors http://www.nagtd.com
    USPAACC U.S. Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce http://www.uspaacc.com
    AFPR Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers http://www.epspackaging.org
    IEEE/NNC Neural Networks Council http://www.engine.ieee.org/society/nn.html
    CEL Council for Ethical Leadership http://www.businessethics.org
    Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers http://www.appa.org
    SFIC Surface Finishing Industry Council http://www.sfic.org
    ACMPE American College of Medical Practice Executives http://www.mgma.com/acmpe
    ASE Association for Social Economics http://www.socialeconomics.org
    ABAMN ABA Marketing Network http://www.aba.com/marketingnetwork
    NFU Farmers Educational and Co-operative Union of America- http://www.nfu.org
    ATMAE National Association of Industrial Technology http://atmae.org
    NCMA National Catalog Managers Association http://www.ncmacat.org
    NATA National Automobile Transporters Association http://www.carhaulers.org
    CMA College Media Advisers http://www.collegemedia.org
    NCEW National Conference of Editorial Writers http://www.ncew.org
    WAABI World Association of Alcohol Beverage Industries http://www.waabi.org
    SGCD Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators Products http://www.sgcd.org
    America's Community Bankers http://www.aba.com
    WOCN Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society http://www.wocn.org
    UOA United Ostomy Association http://www.ostomy.org
    IBPA International Beverage Packaging Association http://www.ibpa.org
    NCCL National Conference of Catechetical Leadership http://www.nccl.org
    ABFP American Board of Forensic Psychology http://www.abfp.com
    CBPA Catholic Book Publishers Association http://www.cbpa.org
    SDP Society of Decorative Painters http://www.decorativepainters.org
    Window Council http://franksfitzgerald.com/
    MRJ National Federation of Temple Brotherhoods http://www.menrj.org
    NAMCP National Association of Managed Care Physicans http://www.namcp.org
    AFAC Allied Finance Adjusters Conference http://www.alliedfinanceadjusters.com
    SWHR Society for the Advancement of Women's Health Research http://www.womenshealthresearch.org
    ASTDN Association of State and Territorial Directors of Nursing http://www.astdn.org
    IEEE/PES IEEE Power Engineering Society http://www.ieee-pes.org
    USCCCA United States Cross Country Coaches Association http://www.usccca.org
    SSLHPE Society of State Directors of Health, Physical Education and Recreation http://thesociety.org
    AVACI Academy of Veterinary Allergy and Clinical Immunology http://www.avaci.org
    NAFA National Association of Forensic Accountants http://www.nafanet.com
    ACMW Advertising Club of Metropolitan Washington http://www.dcadclub.com
    ACUL Alabama Credit Union League http://www.acul.com
    AzHLA Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association http://www.azhla.com
    AOPHA Association of Ohio Philanthropic Homes, Housing and Services for the Aging http://www.aopha.org
    AGC NYS Associated General Contractors of New York State LLC http://www.agcnys.org
    ADAI Automobile Dealers Association of Indiana http://www.adai-inc.org
    CAEPS California Academy of Ophthalmology http://www.californiaeyemds.org
    CPRS California Park and Recreation Society http://www.cprs.org


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