July 22, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    AIIAB Alaska Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers http://iiaba.net
    AKLA Alaska Library Association http://www.akla.org
    Alaska Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association http://www.aklifega.org
    Alaska Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association http://www.aklifega.org
    ALFA Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association http://alfafish.org
    AMP Alaska Marine Pilots http://ampilots.com
    AMCA Alaska Mechanical Contractors Association http://www.amcaanc.com
    AMA Alaska Miners Association http://www.alaskaminers.org
    AMA Alaska Miners Association http://alaskaminers.org
    AML Alaska Municipal League http://www.akml.org
    ANGOA Alaska National Guard Officers Association http://ngeda.net/states/AK.pdf
    ANPA Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association http://anpa.enpnetwork.com
    AaNA Alaska Nurses Association http://www.aknurse.org
    AOGA Alaska Oil and Gas Association http://www.aoga.org
    AKOA Alaska Optometric Association http://www.akoa.org
    AOC Alaska Outdoor Council http://www.alaskaoutdoorcouncil.org
    AkPha Alaska Pharmacists Association http://www.alaskapharmacy.org
    APA Alaska Power Association http://alaskapower.org
    APDC Alaska Professional Design Council http://apdc-ak.org
    APHA Alaska Professional Hunters Association http://alaskaprohunter.org
    AK-PA Alaska Psychological Association http://www.ak-pa.org
    APEA/AFT Alaska Public Employees Association/AFT http://apea-aft.org
    ARCC Alaska Regional Council of Carpenters http://www.ubcalaska.org
    ARWA Alaska Rural Water Association http://www.arwa.org
    ASCPA Alaska Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.akcpa.org
    ASPE Alaska Society of Professional Engineers http://www.alaskaspe.org
    Alaska Staff Development Council http://learningforward.org/get-involved/affiliates#.UdPG9DtHJMg
    Alaska State AFL-CIO http://www.akaflcio.org
    ASCC Alaska State Chamber of Commerce http://www.alaskachamber.com
    Alaska State Employees Association/AFSCME Local 52 http://afscmelocal52.org
    ASHBA Alaska State Home Building Association http://buildersofalaska.com
    ASHNHA Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association http://ashnha.com
    ASLA Alaska State Literacy Association http://www.akliteracy.org/
    ASMA Alaska State Medical Association http://www.asmadocs.org
    ASVMA Alaska State Veterinary Medical Association http://avma.org/advocacy/stateandlocal/statevma/pages
    ASIA Alaska Support Industry Alliance http://alaskaalliance.com
    Alaska Teamster-Employer Pension Trust http://www.959trusts.com
    ATA Alaska Telephone Association http://www.alaskatel.org
    ATIA Alaska Travel Industry Association http://www.alaskatia.org
    ATA Alaska Trollers Association http://www.aktrollers.org
    ATA Alaska Trucking Association http://www.aktrucks.org
    Alaska Violent Crime Compensation Board http://doa.alaska.gov/vccb/
    ASGA Alaskan Shellfish Growers Association http://www.alaskashellfish.com
    Alberta Automotive Recyclers & Dismantlers Association http://aarda.com/
    ABP Alberta Beef Producers http://albertabeef.org
    Alberta Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers and the Northern Alberta Physics tea http://abphysicsteachers.wordpress.com/
    AGBELL Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing http://www.agbell.org
    ABO Algae Biomass Organization http://algaebiomass.org
    ABO Algal Biomass Organization http://algalbiomass.org
    ABO Algal Biomass Organization http://algalbiomass.org


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