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Policy Focus on Internet & Wireless Issues Surge with Governance and Political Activity Issues Remaining Strong – TRENDS Attends ASAE’s Associations Day

In March, Association TRENDS’ Advocacy Team, the provider of ASAE’s custom Congressional Handbooks, attended ASAE American Associations Day to learn more about policy priorities in the association community. As part of the fly-in, each year ASAE produces an advocacy priority study where they ask their CEO and government relations executive members where ASAE should be focusing their public policy resources and what issues are important to the association community. ASAE gave survey takers a list of public policy issues and asked that they assign a percentage of time they felt ASAE should spend on each one. We created the chart below to highlight the shifts in priorities over time. As you will see in the chart, the policy priorities closely track with active legislation including the DOL labor laws in 2016 and the surge in tax reform interest in 2017. Other areas that remain a steady focus overtime were nonprofit governance and political activity. Of note for 2018 was the growth in internet and wireless issues interest.

Member support also remained strong noting, “when asked about the importance of The Power of A serving as a collective advocacy effort for the association community, more than 47% of respondents listed this as very important.”

For more information on ASAE’s 2018 Advocacy Priority Study, click here. You can get more information on The Power of A by visiting www.thepowerofa.com.

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