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Cybersecurity and Today’s CFO

CFOs can no longer respond with “that’s not my department” when it comes to cybersecurity. In a recent article by Harvard Business Review, CFOs were outed for not taking an active role in their organization’s cybersecurity efforts. Today’s financial executive must focus on more than managing financial risk—they must become an engaged member of the security team.

Data breaches are extremely damaging, costing executives their jobs, destroying brands and causing vital information to be lost. CFOs need to start becoming more competent in cybersecurity methods and implementing practical solutions for keeping data safe and managing risk.

To start building a cybersecurity plan, hire a professional to perform a penetration and vulnerability test for your association. This assessment will help you identify holes in your defenses and uncover areas that hackers can exploit and access critical data. Using the results of these tests, this professional can work with your association to fix existing issues and create a cybersecurity plan that protects your people, processes, and data.

Matt Ruck, Vice President of designDATA.

In the association world, reputation is everything—but a data breach can rip that apart in one fell swoop. Today, having a cybersecurity plan in place is mission critical. designDATA’s InfoSec CyberSecurity solution identifies weaknesses, fixes problems and protects systems—and brands—by stopping active threats before they happen. Our independent vulnerability and penetration test, threat remediation activities and implementation of modern machine learning security gives you peace of mind that your organization is protected. Contact us today to set up a free onsite consultation to start planning your cybersecurity approach.

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