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Cybersecurity Essentials for Association Leaders

Over the years, we’ve learned to rely on information technology to make our organizations more productive, efficient, and collaborative. However, it has also opened the door to a whole new type of criminal activity – cybercrime. Victims of cybercrime suffer severe consequences, including loss of digital and financial assets and reputational damage. Nevertheless, the risk of a cyber breach can be significantly reduced by establishing robust security practices to counteract potential threats.

Our goal with this eBook is to equip association leaders with the needed insight to have the right cybersecurity-focused conversations with their IT team, leadership team, and staff. After reading this eBook, you will understand the most common risks and the most impactful changes you can make at your organization. You will have a practical framework for discussing key policies, procedures, tools, and resources you can implement to protect your data and that of your members. If you are an association leader looking to learn more so you can have informed conversations that enable you to better mitigate risk, this eBook is for you.

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