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EMERGENT; Six Emerging Technology Association Case Studies

On October 2nd, 2018 at The District Architecture Center in Washington D.C., Association TRENDS made history by hosting its first-ever EMERGENT. EMERGENT was a one-day event filled with case study presentations focused on emerging technologies at associations.

As an information services provider in the association space, Association TRENDS hears about emerging technologies and the extensive benefits they could provide associations all the time. However, in tandem with these developing technologies was frustration concerning the lack of understanding on how organizations can actually use these technologies. So much was happening at a rapid pace with things like AI, virtual reality, and machine learning but no one was really talking about practical applications outside of large-scale corporate uses.

Association TRENDS knows that using emerging technologies doesn’t require a degree from MIT, an endless budget, or for you to be a company with a fruit namesake. These technologies are accessible, usable, and implementable. Thus, EMERGENT was created. EMERGENT would be an occasion where associations could see how their peers were using emerging tech, mingle with technology providers, and see how their organization can create their own opportunities.

When the call for proposals went out there was an influx of associations who had not only implemented emerging technologies at their organizations but had seen outstanding success. AT chose six case studies who came and presented with their technology partners. Session included;

  • Elementary My Dear Watson: How the IEEE Computer Society Uses AI to Segment Membership Data and Develop Targeted Membership Marketing Campaigns; IEEE Computer Sciences
  • Using Virtual and Augments Reality to Captivate your Audience and Grow Membership; VR/AR Association
  • Voice Analytics with Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API and Python; National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
  • Stop Searching, and Start FINDING Content Through AI Powered Federated Search; BlueBolt
  • Artificial Intelligence for Associations: How ASAE is Combining Artificial Intelligence and Text Analytics for Innovative Impact; ASAE
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Using new technology to uncover insight from your association’s existing data; Association TRENDS and National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)

The event was a huge success. The sessions were highly rated and incredibly well received. Although AT anticipated attendees with technology and finance backgrounds, association executives spanned a broad range of focuses and departments including marketing, membership, business analytics, and C-suite executives.

Association TRENDS was blown away by the power and success of this event and are already looking forward to EMERGENT 2019.

What technologies do YOU want to hear about? Email us at jherring@columbiabooks.com and let us know. We can’t wait to see you next year!

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