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Sneak a Peek of National Association Financial Data!

This evening Association TRENDS will host the first Nonprofit Finance Innovators Network (NFIN) event. NFIN, an invitation-only network of leading association and nonprofit finance executives, will convene throughout the year to discuss pressing issues they face at their organizations. This unique event offers attendees closed-door discussions with topics selected by members of the Network. NFIN members also receive special access to the data and analytics team at TRENDS.

In preparation for the inaugural event, the TRENDS data and analytics team created a financial overview of national association spending to provide a high-level look at the financial landscape. Using available 990 financial data for all national associations from 2012-2015 in revenue brackets ranging from $5-$100 million in the AssociationExecs.com database, we analyzed trends in spending as a percentage of revenue across 5 key areas including:

  • Officer compensation
  • Non-officer compensation
  • Travel
  • Employee benefits
  • meetings & conferences

Below is an excerpt from the report. To receive the full report, apply to attend Association TRENDS’ Nonprofit Finance Innovators Network (NFIN). The next meeting will take place June 28th in Washington D.C.

National associations in the smaller brackets, 5-10 million and 10-25 million, both show a larger proportion of their expenses in conference spending, as well as more dramatic increases over time than their larger association counterparts.

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