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Telling the Association Future; 2017 Nonprofit Compensation Trends

Compensation Reports offer associations many key benefits. They help associations determine the most competitive salary level for each position within an organization, allow benchmarking against peers, and provide support for salary structure recommendations. However, compensation analysis can also tell a very interesting story and provide insight into broader trends. Hiring priorities, salary increases, changes in leadership; these aspects directly relay what kind of jobs are becoming a necessity, what departments are growing, and what backgrounds and educations are becoming imperative to the association workforce. Ten years ago, Social Media Directors didn’t exist, now 50% of organizations employ one.

Association TRENDS analyzed the data from our 2017 National Nonprofit Compensation Report. We found that salaries within the Government Relations category experienced the largest percent growth between 2015 and 2017.

Is your organization seeing similar trends? Where does your specific job title fall within this graph? The 2017 National Nonprofit Compensation Report holds an abundance of information and can assist you in answering even more of these questions.

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