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9 Biggest Challenges Learning and Education Teams Face

Association TRENDS launched a learning and education survey in March and April of 2018. We wanted to learn more about how learning and education programs are evolving within the association space. We surveyed over 100 association executives focused on learning and education and asked questions regarding Learning Management Systems, size and status of learning and education teams, and the kinds of learning services and certification programs offered. We also asked respondents to evaluate their learning and education programs and identify how they are addressing critical challenges.

We are in the process of pulling together a full analysis of our findings and can’t wait to share that report with you. In the meantime, we wanted to give you a teaser of the results. We asked respondents to indicate their top learning challenge and here is how they responded (ranked from most cited to least cited).

  • Low Budget
  • Small Team Size
  • Difficulty in Creating/Procuring Content
  • Changing Membership Needs
  • Missing Functionality in LMS
  • Limited Access to Technology Tools
  • Ineffective Overall Content Strategy
  • Managing Digital Badges and Credentialing
  • Difficulty in Selecting Speakers/Instructors

Is your education and learning team facing these same challenges? Keep an eye out for our full learning and education report where we share what other teams are doing to overcome these challenges.

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