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Conferences That Make a Difference: A New Book with Practical Advice for Conference Organizers

Associations help their members do their work more effectively. They provide products, services, advocacy, convening opportunities, and more. This is manifested through myriad offerings, but the conferences implemented by Associations are often the most significant opportunities for learning, sharing, and convening. Because conferences are so resource-intensive—for both organizers and participants—Nancy Bacon and Mark Nilles recently wrote an ebook called Conferences That Make a Difference. The book is written for conference organizers, but the perspective of the conference participant is always close at hand.

We wrote this book because we believe conferences can be wonderful opportunities for learning, sharing, and professional growth. We want to help conference organizers facilitate engaging, useful, and meaningful learning and networking opportunities. In turn, we want participants to experience the conference with purpose and intent while gaining inspiration, ideas, and tools they can and will use in the workplace.

We recognize the optimal conference experience is only possible with careful planning, preparation, presenter support, and execution. This free 50-page ebook combines broad strategic concepts with real-life examples and practical guidance, tips, and templates to help conference organizers master the art and science of shaping conferences that make a difference.

We feel our ebook helps conference organizers deliver events that lead to learning and performance improvement for participants. We hope you enjoy and benefit from the book! Here’s a snapshot of the concepts we discuss in four chapters. Click here or here to download the full book.

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