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How to Reduce The Use This Holiday 

With all the excess consumption (read: waste) waste that comes with the holiday season, it is important that we take a step back and think about how the way we gift affects our planet. More than ever before, respecting our environment has become a huge priority for individuals and organizations alike. Make an impact this holiday by choosing S’well for your gifting needs. You’ll be helping to green your workplace and encourage individuals to take the small steps that help create great change. Here are a few ways to help make an impact this holiday season:

Give Green

For your clients and employees, S’well is the ultimate sustainable gift option that helps reduce the use, one bottle at a time. By creating a reusable alternative, S’well aims to eliminate single-use plastic bottles, which are doing so much harm to our environment. Every individual has the power to displace 167 single-use plastic bottles every year!

Spread the Word

Not only does S’well make an impact on an individual level, but it’s also a way to spread environmental awareness. By gifting bottles to your employees and clients, just think how much buzz there will be around the office — and beyond!

Make it Beautiful

It’s important that our tools for changing the world are beautiful. Why? Because we want them to stick around. By giving S’well, an alternative that’s as covetable as it is sustainable, you’ll be providing your team or clients with an object they’ll want to continue using.

Love the idea of giving your association and nonprofit family a gift that makes a difference in the world? Find more info about our custom and corporate gifting options at https://www.swellbottle.com/corporategifts.


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