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2019’s Record Breaking AMS Fest

AMS Fest is an event held for association executives, consultants, and vendors centered around association management systems. AMSs are vital to the association community as they allow associations to manage all aspects of their organizations including membership, payments, event registration, website, and more, all in one place.

Just like each association is unique, so are AMSs. Finding the best match for an organization can be tricky, as can the purchasing, testing, and implementation processes. AMS Fest is the perfect solution for association executives wanting to accomplish these goals and learn more.

AMS Fest 2019 took place in Chicago, IL from June 5th – 6th at Catalyst Ranch. And if this year’s AMS Fest was anything… it was record-breaking. 2019’s AMS Fest had over 140 attendees, 19 AMS showcase sponsors, 11 AMS consultants, and 10 AMS industry partners.

When attendees weren’t getting live demos from AMS vendors, they were in conference sessions learning about lessons learned in implementation and how AMSs can help your organization enhance its mission.

Check out this video to get just a glimpse into this stellar event and hear attendees talk about what they learned.


You don’t have to wait until 2020 to get in on this premier event. AMS Fest is coming to Washington D.C. on November 6th – 7th. Visit amsfest.com to register today!

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