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Digital Transformation is Here, and it Can Make or Break your Association

While the new digital economy plays an ever-expanding role in our personal lives, it is both a threat and an opportunity to the world of Associations.  A new report “Digital Transformation Assessment for Associations” published by Fusion Productions/digitalNow in collaboration with Association Trends is now available for download, and it can help association executives and their Boards turn the tools of the digital economy to their advantage.  The report includes an assessment tool along with case studies and a continuously updated resource page all designed to help your association thrive in the digital economy.

The report considers digital assessment models from Deloitte, McKinsey, Forrester, Capgemini, and others to build a list of competencies designed specifically for associations. It validates and tests assumptions with a pilot group of thirteen organizations in various stages of their own digital journey. Insight from the case studies will enable the reader to understand and address gaps and opportunities related to strategy; leadership and governance; operations and culture.

Ninety-four percent (94%) of the pilot respondents indicated they had incorporated digital into their strategy to guide decision making as compared to just 27% of the overall respondents.  Understanding and leveraging a new mix of digital technologies, culture, talent, and their accelerating impact across associations/ societies in a strategic and prioritized way will present and ensure a future that supports and advances the organization’s mission, resiliency, and relevance. Associations are competing in a new frontier; our associations/societies and stakeholders face enormous challenges ahead, notwithstanding Amazon’s ambitions to sell everything to everyone. Unlike the past, associations cannot afford to “stay the course” and merely follow the broad trends. DT is a business imperative in today’s competitive association landscape.

The association model has endured (and thrived) for generations. The essence of the model is the strong affinity of members for a shared purpose. We know that the model is under great pressure to evolve in a way that makes sense for the present environment while anticipating and evolving toward a reimagined future. This report represents a path forward for associations. The research demonstrates that associations can continue to grow and thrive with leadership, vision, and fortitude combined with a prioritization around the customer/member. The Digital Transformation Assessment™ (DTA) framework is a tool that can help identify the current state, identify gaps, and establish a path forward for associations.

Download the report and access the resource page today.

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