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Embrace Data to Build Trusted Partnerships with Your Chapters

As COVID restrictions lift, have you stepped back to take inventory on how the pandemic has affected your relationship with chapters?

Are you still “all in it together” or regressing into “us vs. them” territory? Navigating an uncertain future requires trusted chapter partnerships. However, it can be challenging to show your support and know where to dedicate your time and energy when you feel like you’re in the dark on chapter performance.

Leveraging chapter performance data can help lay the foundation for your association and chapters to learn from each other and grow stronger together despite the uncertainty.

That sounds wonderful and all, but how do you get started? There are simple steps to improving not just chapter performance but also your relationship with components (chapters, sections, states, affiliates, etc.), and our new eBook outlines how to do it.

What’s inside?
Our Chapter Performance eBook covers innovative strategies to build strong relationships with chapter leaders who are willing to share both the work and the rewards (revenue).

Data isn’t very useful if you’re not using it, right? We detail how to leverage:

  • Component Performance Data
  • Financial Data
  • Member engagement Data

Ready to explore how to help your chapters perform better and increase your bottom line using data? Fill out the form to the right to get your free copy of our Chapter Performance eBook today!

Got Chapters?
Billhighway is a Chapter Management Solution designed to create a healthy balance between headquarters visibility and chapter autonomy. Increase ROI across your entire organization by providing technology tools to help chapters perform better, and member engagement and component performance data to headquarters.

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