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Is Your Association Ready for Digital Transformation?

Before we get into that question, maybe we should start simple.

What is Digital Transformation?

“Digital Transformation (DT) ensures that organizations of all types (including associations and not-for-profits) are capable of responding to the opportunities and threats related to significant and rapid change. DT is the convergence of digital technologies applied to organizational activities, competencies, customer needs that, intelligence and models yielding significant efficiencies, and service and market opportunities for associations and not-for-profits.”

Now, is your association ready for digital transformation? In Association TRENDS’ newest free resource, Digital TransformatioAssessmentnt for Associations, you can find out. This research report, published by Fusion Productions/digitalNow provides insight and perspective from leading Association Executives and can serve as a roadmap for your organization’s path forward using the Digital Transformation Assessment™ (DTA) tool. Case studies and a continuously updated resource page ensure that the latest material is available.

See where you stand in the association space and importantly, see what you can be doing moving forward. Whether your association is in the early stages of tech awareness, emerging into technical activity, establishing set plans and models, or even if you’re ahead of the game and getting ready for future technologies, this report can help you.

Find out how your association can thrive in the digital economy from the best in the field. Download the report now to assess your readiness and to lean into the opportunities related to digital transformation. Look for future updates and information related to Digital Transformation in Association Trends and through digitalNow.

Download this report today!

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