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Leading in the Digital Age: How do you and your team stack up?

The Fourth Industrial revolution (4IR) is here. Enabled by AI, Cloud, IOT, Mobile, and AR/VR – while disruptive – 4IR has the potential to advance and strengthen our mission and purpose to levels never before dreamed.

4IR innovations can empower associations to deepen relationships with constituents by providing better customer engagement, building into our products and services value-added features, and providing solutions to critical problems never before identified.

So, how do you know if your association is ready? Jeanne Ross, Principal Research Scientist at MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research conducts research that studies how organizations develop competitive advantage through the implementation and reuse of digitized platforms. According to Jeanne, creating competitive advantage in the Fourth Industrial Revolution starts with one word – Integration.

Digital transformation is not about technology,” says Jeanne Ross, Principal Research Scientist at MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research. “It’s about redefining your value proposition and then to deliver that new value proposition you will have to redesign your organization. It’s very hard. It’s about organizational design.”

You start with a clear and active vision for improving your members’ and customers’ lives. Then you have to make one of two choices to determine your strategic driver – Is your association going to be one based on customer engagement or one driven by products?

This decision is critical and will affect everything from the innovations that you pursue to the decision makers you empower to how you prioritize your initiatives and how we architect the organization.

The next step to creating a competitive advantage in 4IR is your operational backbone. Over the past 18 years, digitalNow conference attendees have heard:

“Your house has to be built on a tech foundation which allows your association to deliver robust value and engagement via the integration of core elements such as architecture and technology stack, cloud, analytics, security, digital customer experience (DCX), metrics, maturity model, and data strategy & governance.”

Without this operational backbone, you won’t have the basic data to get on with the real business of digital transformation – creating new digital products, driving new value and revenue, and providing new solutions for problems your ecosystem may not even know existed.

As Jeanne says, “this is serious stuff but you have to get there now.”

Do you need to identify your strategic drivers? Are you scrambling to build your association’s digital backbone before it’s too late?

Join Jeanne at digitalNow 2019 in Orlando, Florida, April 15-17th.

Get the help, the tools, and the relationships you will need to make your association competitive in the brave new world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

To register or learn more about digitalNow, please visit our conference website at https://digitalnowconference.com/ and use code TRNDS19 at checkout.

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