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Top 5 Data Challenges Associations are Facing Today

Association TRENDS has launched an association focused data survey and asked tech and finance association professionals to participate. If there is one thing associations have, its data. However, when it comes to cleaning, analyzing, and harnessing that data, some organizations can fall short. With this survey, we hoped to investigate the state of data at associations and find out how associations are or would like to be creating insight into that data.

With the information we gather from this survey, Association TRENDS will create the 2018 Association State of Data Report. All survey takers will be eligible to receive a FREE executive summary as well as a substantial discount on the full report.

We wanted to give you a sneak peak of our survey results. We asked survey takers what their biggest data challenge was today. Here are the top five answers we have gotten thus far.

1. Data Cleaning and Maintainance

2. Bandwidth/Resources

3. Integration of Data Across Functions and Systems

4. Analyzing and Using Data for Decision Making

5. Survey Participation

The 2018 State of Association Data Survey is still open! Join us on this venture and take the survey today!

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