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Dirty Data Cost Calculator

As someone who interacts with your membership data every day, you see the number of duplicated and outdated records that are crowding your database. Do you want to invest in a data clean-up project but aren’t sure how to convince your team?

For too many associations, “data” is an asset to be used, not understood. It is often owned by a single department and not the entire organization.

This is not a healthy dynamic; an association’s data should be owned, managed, and championed by everyone. A widespread understanding of your data on a granular level will promote good habits, guide strategy, and improve data quality.

You know your data is bad, but do you know how much it is REALLY costing you?

Download this whitepaper and learn how to:

  1. Calculate how much dirty data is currently costing your association, and how much it will continue costing as time passes without clean-up.
  2. Quantify this cost so you are able to communicate the importance of data hygiene to your boss, board, and/or stakeholders.

Click here to download the cost calculator.

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