Does Your Data Need a Transformation?

Is record duplication an issue? Major systems all have different information for the same member? Is missing data getting you down? Now the AT Data Team can help you answer those questions and create a plan to get your data in shape.

1. Access & Understand Your Data Health Score

How does it work?

Send us 1,000 randomly sampled records. (We recommend providing the first 1,000 accounts beginning with the letter ‘C’). Need help figuring out how to get a random sample? Email us at

We’ll evaluate your data on THREE key areas – Standardization, Completeness & the oh-so-intimidating Duplication

We’ll send you a “Data Health Report Card”. This easy-to-understand report is perfect for sharing with key stakeholders and we’ll also include a suggested plan of action based on your scores.

2. Pick Your Transformation Package

3. Take Your Data to the Next Level. Want even more from your data? Select from our a-la-carte data enhancement services:

Data Management

  • Jointly develop internal data standards
  • Ongoing data management & cleansing
  • Data updates available via API or regularly scheduled data loads

Data Science Tools

Leverage the power of data science! Our data science experts can help develop models to better categorize data, predict renewal behavior and use data to help answer complex questions.

Custom Research

Want to add more data to your existing members or find new prospects? Our research team combined with our robust data gathering techniques can help build our your datasets.

Member Modeling

  • Learn more about your members and prospects
  • Includes detailed reporting and demographics

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I Want to Receive my Data Health Report Card!

In order to improve upon the ongoing challenge of providing complete and accurate data, which is user-generated by our members, we began licensing select data through a custom data project. In addition to the additional data they provided, the AT data team provides data hygiene services, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Not only have we found the data to be complete, but the implementation process was truly a custom solution for our unique needs.

Christine ‘Shimo’ Shimasaki