Association TRENDS Communication Executive Moves 4/22/11 Social Media Executive Moves 5/22/14 Communications News in Brief 10/10/13 TRENDS Social Media News in Brief 1/31/13 Revenue streams building profitable enterprises – AAO–-aao-0 Boosting member engagement through technology USPS wants to raise nonprofit, other mail rates; associations blast Technology Executives Moves 2/28/13 Turkey Fed PR manager to public affairs director at frozen food group Technology News in Brief 8/16/11 Communications News in Brief 11/6/14 Communication Executive Moves December 2010 Technology Executive Moves 12/19/13 Communications Executive Moves 5/17/2013 Social Executive Moves 7/28/12 Boosting the economy through charitable tax deduction innovation Finance Executive Moves 4/14/15 Banking Executive Moves 1/23/14 Technology News in Brief 6/21/13 Technology Moves 9/28/12 4 reasons to establish an internal users group Technology Executive Moves 3/9/11 Technology Executive Moves 3/20/14 Social Media Executive Moves 7/31/13 Social Media News in Brief 8/30/13 Tech Council of Maryland CEO will step down in February Changes in technical department at Water Environment Federation New CFO for Optical Society Social Media News in Brief 5/22/14 Communications and Media Executive Moves 10/10/13 TRENDS Technology Executive Moves 1/31/13 Communications Executive Moves 3/16/12 Finance Executive Moves 6/30/11 Communication Executives Moves 11/30/10 New communications director at National Grocers Association Banking Executive Moves 3/8/13 Social Executive Moves 5/25/12 Dealing with information overload Communications News in Brief December 2010 Communications News in Brief 5/17/2013 Social News in Brief 7/28/12 How associations can use social media to boost success for events Finance News in Brief 4/14/15 Social Media Executive Moves 6/28/13 Technology News in Brief 9/28/12 Technology Executive Moves 11/22/11 Technology News in Brief 3/9/11 Technology News in Brief 3/20/14 Social Media News in Brief 7/31/13 Social Media Executive Changes 11/30/12 Technology Executive Moves 1/30/11 3 factors for the successful CFO to create positive employee engagement Communications Executive Moves 6/17/14 The nuances of fundraising costs TRENDS Technology News in Brief 1/31/13 Communications News in Brief 3/16/12 Finance News in Brief 6/30/11 Communication News in Brief 11/30/10 Technology Executive Moves 11/14/13 Banking News in Brief 3/8/13 Social News in Brief 5/25/12 New marketing executive at Mortgage Bankers Association New public affairs SVP will handle communications for U.S. Travel Technology News in Brief 7/28/12 10 collaboration tech tools to make volunteers happy Finance Executive Moves 2/24/11 Social Media News in Brief 6/28/13 Communications News in Brief 10/15/12 Technology News in Brief 11/22/11 New COO for Gypsum Association has marketing, communications background New COO for International Sign Association Social Media News in Brief 11/30/12 Technology News in Brief 1/30/11 When training, provide context Finance Executive Moves 4/28/11 Communications News in Brief 6/17/14 New CFO at Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers New communications director for AdvaMed New health information technology VP at Federation of American Hospitals Ely promoted to ASAE SVP Put your association in members’ hands with mobile apps’-hands-with-mobile-apps Technology TRENDS News in Brief 11/10 CEO Largent will leave wireless association in 2014 Banking Executive Moves 3/13/14 Technology Executive Moves 5/25/12 Nature Conservancy fills new COO position from within Social Media Executive Moves 12/23/13 Technology News in Brief 5/24/13 Technology Executive Moves 7/28/12 Technology Executive Moves 10/28/11 Finance News in Brief 2/24/11 10 tips to develop and effectively use components in membership marketing Risk Management: Everyone’s ounce of prevention’s-ounce-of-prevention Communications Moves 10/15/12 Protect your organization with these cyber security tips Angerosa Research Foundation names Rising Stars Communications Executive Moves 9/12/13 Credit Union National Association creates strategic communications EVP position New PR director for International Spa Association Finance News in Brief 4/28/11 TRENDS Banking Executive Moves 2/8/13 Technology Moves 3/30/12 Technology Executive Moves 7/12/11 Social Media Executive Moves 11/15/2013 Banking Executive Moves 4/9/13 Technology News in Brief 5/25/12 Finance Executive Moves 8/31/11 Technology Executive Moves 5/24/13 Survey: Rising Cloud Adoption Spurs Changes to IT Technology News in Brief 10/28/11 Technology Executive Moves 1/23/14 Banking Executive Moves 7/16/13 Social Moves 10/26/12 Finance Executive Moves 11/30/11 Communication Executive Moves 3/16/11 Communications Executive Moves 3/31/14 Communications News in Brief 9/12/13 Communications Executive Moves 12/13/12 Association revises dues structure...again Why “finance” people are difficult (and sometimes should be)“finance”-people-are-difficult-and-sometimes-should-be Technology News in Brief 10/18/13 TRENDS Banking News in Brief 2/8/13 Technology News in Brief 3/30/12 Technology News in Brief 7/12/11 Social Media News in Brief 11/15/2013 Banking News in Brief 4/9/13 New Electronic Transactions Association CEO has strong tech background Finance News in Brief 8/31/11 Communications Executive Moves 1/8/15 Technology Executive Moves December 2010 Should online communities be open or closed? It depends. Communications Executive Moves 8/17/12 Steve Jobs and the focus of the CEO Communication Executive Moves 2/22/11 TechAmerica hires new public sector leader Banking News in Brief 7/16/13 Social Media News in Brief 10/26/2012 Finance News in Brief 11/30/11 Communications News in Brief 3/16/11 National Trend 2/20/14 Executive Voices: New ASAE chairman Pietranton - role is 'to lead conversation' Communications News in Brief 12/13/12 Revenue streams building profitable enterprises – AAO–-aao 4 questions nonprofits need to ask before buying or building a mobile app Lessons learned for associations from the healthcare exchange sites New technical programs VP at Intelligent Transportation Society of America New CFO for Audubon Society Communications Executive Moves 4/13/12 Phones and Laptops at Conferences: Friends or Enemies? New marketing SVP at Country Music Association American Bankers Association fills new community engagement position Communications Executive Moves 6/15/12 Should we hire a fundraiser and pay him a percentage raised? Communications News in Brief 1/8/15 Technology News in Brief December 2010 Executive Voices: Still the world's best app Social Media News in Brief 5/31/13 Communications News in Brief 8/17/12 Finance Executive Moves 10/31/11 Communications News in Brief 2/22/11 Nonprofits can help others better when they help themselves Technology Moves 10/31/12 Nonprofits upbeat on year-end fundraising Banking Executive Moves 4/8/14 New SVP will oversee NAIOP magazine Website success: Good information, but also know your audience's vibe Airlines for America expands communications team Social Media Executive Moves 12/19/12 Reznick Group and BoardSource Sponsor The Center for Nonprofit Advancement 2011 Board Leadership Awards Technology Executive Moves 5/12/11 14 Tips for Dealing With the Media Social Media News in Brief 10/24/13 Financial advice for organizations that help their communities Communications News in Brief 4/13/12 4 tips to choosing the right bank for your association Technology Executive Moves 9/29/14 Is it managers or leaders that we're missing? Banking Executive Moves 12/10/13 Communications Executive Moves 4/19/13 Communications News in Brief 6/15/12 The sexiness of unsexy innovation Twitter for Business Communications Executive Moves 1/14/14 Banking Executive Moves 6/7/13 New communications VP for Can Manufacturers Intitute Finance News in Brief, 10/31/11 National Trend 1/16/14 Communications Executive Moves 7/19/13 Technology News in Brief 10/31/12 Technology News in Brief 12/20/11 Finance Executive Moves 3/22/11 Communications Executive Moves 8/16/13 New marketing chief for San Francisco Travel Association Social Media News in Brief 12/19/12 Technology Executive Moves 2/29/12 Technology News in Brief, 5/12/11 New communications head at National School Boards Association Communications Executive Moves 2/15/13 Social Executive Moves 4/31/12 Finance Executive Moves 7/29/11 Technology News in Brief 9/29/14 When Fundraising Campaigns Don’t Ask For Funds’t-ask-for-funds Communications News in Brief 4/19/13 Social Executive Moves 6/29/12 Technology Executive Moves 9/21/11 Technology Executive Moves 1/29/15 Technology Executive Moves 1/12/11 Banking News in Brief 6/7/13 Technology Executive Moves 8/31/12 Communications Executive Moves 10/31/11 Communications News in Brief 7/19/13 Communications Executive Moves 11/20/12 Some 990 e-filers to get extension Finance News in Brief 3/22/11 Communications News in Brief 8/16/13 Technology Executive Moves 12/14/12 Technology News in Brief 2/29/12 5 great ways you can use technology to be more organized Communications News in Brief 2/15/13 Social News in Brief 4/30/12 Finance News in Brief 7/29/11 Golf group creates chief business development officer position Technology Executives Moves 4/26/13 Social News in Brief 6/29/12 Technology News in Brief 9/21/11 Technology News in Brief 1/12/11 Franchises and dealers group hires veteran COO as executive director Technology News in Brief 8/31/12 Communications News in Brief 10/31/11 Technology Executive Moves 2/8/11 Banking Executive Moves 2/18/14 New communications SVP at Destination Marketing Association International Communications News in Brief 11/20/12 Maryland tech group CEO resigns Be aware of recent VAT tax changes in Europe Banking News in Brief 8/20/13 New CEO for Tech Council of Maryland Banking Executive Moves 8/20/13 Technology News in Brief 12/14/12 6 steps for getting started with social CRM for membership orgs New CEO for credit, collection group Communications News in Brief 8/7/14 Banking Executive Moves 11/5/13 Seasoned association, government communications professional joins actuaries group DC budgets and 'sacred zombie cows' Technology News in Brief 4/26/13 Technology Executive Moves 6/28/12 Is your association’s website smart? (Or is it time to tackle an upgrade?)’s-website-smart-or-is-it-time-to-tackle-an-upgrade National Trend 1/23/14 Social Media Executive Moves 8/31/12 Steve Jobs and the focus of the CEO Technology News in Brief 2/8/11 CFO promoted to CEO at Brick Industry Association How to test big and win big in membership marketing Cloud Executive Moves 11/23/12 Technology Executive Moves 12/20/11 Technology News in Brief 8/23/13 New executive director for Drupal Association Freeman returns to Business Roundtable as SVP Finance Executive Moves 5/31/11 Finance Executive Moves 11/24/10 New communications VP at Humane Society Do they know what you offer? Communications News in Brief 7/27/11 Technology Executive Moves 10/31/14 Finance Executive Moves 12/10/10 An inside look at the changing threat of cybercrime Social Media Executive Moves 4/30/13 Technology News in Brief 6/28/12 LA Inc. names new CMO Membership Executive Moves 1/16/14 Social Media News in Brief 8/31/12 Communications Executive Moves 11/30/11 American Association for Clinical Chemistry hires ad firm Cloud News in Brief 11/23/12 Want a good paying job out of college? Study technology, engineering Communications News in Brief 4/15/14 New communications SVP for American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity Communications Moves 1/18/13 Communication Executive Moves 2/28/12 Finance News in Brief 5/31/11 Finance News in Brief 11/24/10 New communications VP at Humane Society Technology Executive Moves 4/30/12 Communications Executive Moves 7/27/11 Finance News in Brief 12/10/10 Communications Executive Moves 12/12/13 Social Media News in Brief 4/30/13 New CEO for International Society for Technology in Education Communications Executive Moves 9/30/11 Technology Executive Moves 2/26/15 Communications Executive Moves 6/14/13 Communications Executive Moves 9/14/12 Communications News in Brief 11/18/11 Association Social Media Report 2013 Top 5 benefits of cloud computing Are pirates running your social media? Technology Executive Moves 4/20/11 Technology Executive Moves 4/30/14 COO promoted to CEO at New York restaurant association Communications News in Brief 1/18/13 Communication News in Brief 2/28/12 New CTO at broadcasters group is important industry contributor Communications Executive Moves 9/4/14 Fundraise with interviews Comparing investment policies and bolstering ROI Social Media Executive Changes 2/28/13 Technology News in Brief 4/30/12 Private social networks: What’s the magic formula for associations?’s-the-magic-formula-for-associations 5 trends impacting association social media in 2014 Banking Executive Moves 5/14/13 Communications Executive Moves 7/13/12 Communications News in Brief /30/11 Technology News in Brief 2/26/15 Communications Executive Moves, 1/1/9/11 Enough answers: Are you asking the right questions? Communications News in Brief 6/14/13 Communications News in Brief 9/14/12 Get ready for the TRENDS All Media Contest New executive director at Women’s Network in Electronic Transactions’s-network-in-electronic-transactions Communication Executive Moves 12/22/11 Technology News in Brief 4/20/11 Technology News in Brief 4/30/14 New communications director at ITS America Finance Executive Moves 2/28/12 Technology Executive Moves 6/10/11 Communications News in Brief 9/4/14 Social Media News in Brief 2/28/13 Communications Executive Moves 5/11/12 New chief staff executive for American Teleservices Association Banking News in Brief 5/14/13 Communications News in Brief 7/13/12 Finance Executive Moves 9/30/11 Communications Executive Moves 4/9/15 Communications News in Brief 1/19/11 Data measurement: The way to know if you are marketing smart New communications head for American Medical Association New report: Social media enhances magazine reading for younger adults Voice recognition and transcription systems: 3 ways to make Apple’s Siri jealous’s-siri-je Digging in to clarity over control: Boundaries Technology Executives Moves 7/26/13 Top-7 social media issues for associations Technology Executive Moves 11/30/12 Communication News in Brief 12/22/11 Concern over possible changes to UBIT TRENDS Social Media Executive Moves 1/31/13 Finance News in Brief, 2/28/12 Jumping on the mobile bandwagon Technology News in Brief 2/28/13 Communications News in Brief 5/11/12 Technology Executive Moves 8/16/11 Communications Executive Moves 11/6/14 New CFO for cruise line group New communications director for chain drug stores group Finance News in Brief 9/30/11 Communications News in Brief 4/9/15 Technology Executives Moves 6/21/13 Social Media News in Brief 9/28/12 New technology VP for entrepreneurs group THINK: Sea dragons of innovation Technology News in Brief 7/26/13 New communications director for insulation group Technology News in Brief 11/30/12 New CFO at American Trucking Associations TRENDS Attends: ASAE 2014 Technology Conference Financial challenges in association strategic planning Buying vs. building: Avoid a software project nightmare Nonprofit book sales rose in 2010 New CEO for Mobile Marketing Association Performance management: How does your organization measure up? TRENDS Attends: Technology as strategy: the next frontier for associations TRENDS Attends: 2014 NTEN Conference Executive Voices: An interview with GuideStar CFO James Lum, a 2014 Transformational Leader Emphasize networking, education when marketing events to Gen Xers, millennials Keating to become CEO of American Bankers Association TRENDS Attends: Greater Washington Society of CPAs Nonprofit Symposium Get your head ‘into’ the cloud: The financial benefits of cloud computing‘into’-the-cloud-the-financial-benefits-of-cloud-computing TRENDS Attends: Annual Nonprofit Forecast and Risk Review New chief executive at International Digital Publishing Forum Real software vs. consultingware: 4 questions to ask Business process automation: How to get your organization off to a smart start in 2011 Navigating the year-end software ‘shopping’ rush‘shopping’-rush-0 New executive director for publishers association Giving constituent relations a personal touch with technology Advertising association executive director to step down Employment figures don't move in September; reflect association executives' expectations Virtual offerings now an integral part of association communications Case study: Enhanced technology = new members, more effective service CPAs dominate Association TRENDS top honors Future deficit for U.S. a concern for economists, association execs have rosier outlook Plastic most popular in payment preferences Former director pleads guilty to stealing $500,000 from association McSlarrow to leave National Cable & Telecommunications Association New CEO for Mobile Marketing Association Communications directors are paid best in the Southeast Restaurant Association of DC nabs Siegel as communications director The difference between American, European associations’ approach to social media Video magazine founder, app developer tapped to head skateboard association Nonprofit CFOs earn more in Chicago vs. DC TRENDS Attends: Technology initiatives in nonprofits Associations appeal exigent postal rate increase Why it's important that Congress knows TRENDS 2015 Association Partner of the Year TRENDS Attends: LIVE Breakfast on the TRENDS FOX Report 10 tips for increasing the stickiness of your membership Digital prowess: If you think industry organizations are good at it, guess again TRENDS Attends: Tips for successful rebrand, member recruitment And the 2014 Nonprofit CFO of the Year is... Associations team up to monitor US mobile marketing programs TRENDS Attends: 2014 Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards Luncheon Associations called for end to shutdown, raising debt ceiling Communicating to young professionals - keep it concise Cadmus executive retreat educates on emerging publishing issues TRENDS Attends: Potential dangers of using social media for background checks Nonprofit finance pros: 2014 is going to be a good year New communications director at Destination DC Angerosa Foundation accepting nominations for Publishing Trendsetter and Rising Star Scholarship TRENDS 2014 Partner of the Year Powell to take helm at National Cable & Telecommunications Association Information and technology, and 3 points to create website loyalty Former Rep. Pickering is new COMPTEL CEO Association communications pros go from being risk managers to fixers Associations to increase spending in technology and social media, though unsure of ROI How to make the latest finance trends work to your advantage Industry executive now heads communications for Air Transport Association TRENDS Attends: TRENDS Finance LIVE Breakfast: Best practices in nonprofit investing Social media - the tool for effective online donor campaigns New communications VP at Biotechnology Industry Organization 2011 association technology trends identified Interactive Advertising Bureau CEO leaves for Time Inc., interim management announced CompTIA acquires TechAmerica Associations among highest winners in communications contest New finance executive for Property Casualty Insurers Association from dredging industry New CEO for merged printing group New EVP for Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association The Transformation of Food Biotechnology Medical association drops decades-old newspaper Outsourcing payroll online: A step that has come of age Bring Your Own Device for associations: 10 considerations Preview: 2014 Compensation Report New executive director for National Press Photographers Association New CEO for American Marketing Association Board candidates announced for Association Media & Publishing New report centers on association investments Marketing, advertising groups will consolidate Mailing, printing associations merge TRENDS Association Website Analytics Survey now open for responses ASAE cuts frequency of member magazine TRENDS Attends: What's your social strategy, and getting a slice of the $572M sponsorship pie Naylor to expand into association management systems Nominate a TRENDS Leading Association Lobbyist! New brand for Lighting Distributors Who gives $1 million gifts and which organizations are getting them? Major tax changes proposed for nonprofits TRENDS 2013 All Media Contest deadline is Nov. 1! TRENDS 2013 All Media Contest winners TRENDS 2014 All-Media Contest deadline is Oct. 31 TRENDS Attends: ASAE 2014 Technology Conference Are you using mobile tools to foster memberships? Top-7 social media issues for associations Nominate a TRENDS Leading Association Lobbyist! A new way for association leaders to report to their board 9 top-read articles in 2013 Print media continue to lose ground with nonprofits: New report 5 MUST-DO things when buying technology Can you catch lightning in a bottle? How does your website compare to other associations'? Technology, leadership, Google Glass in menu at DigitalNow 2014 Membership department vs. community management department TRENDS Association Social Media Report 2014 Winners of the TRENDS 2014 All Media Contest Cyberattacks are equal opportunity threats CFO Velma Hart departs AMVETS TRENDS Association Social Media Report 2013 Managing risk with technology contractors Tips for a good CEO-communications pro relationship U.S. outlook: For now, ’14 looks fortunate for many Email marketing tips Omnichannelization: Increasing your association's revenue streams